Sunday, November 8, 2009

Only Girl

I'm the only girl in our little family. With this comes its privileges, such as getting dibs on all things pink and getting to take extra long showers.

However, as I looked around our apartment today, I couldn't help but notice that it is being taken over by all things boy.

We have cars. Lots of cars. Sometimes we step on the cars. Sometimes we find cars in kitchen and bathroom drawers, or under our couches and inbetween cushions.

We also have a basketball hoop, that for a long while sat in our living room because we didn't have any other spot for it.

Our DVD collection is lacking in the princess department, and overflowing with monsters, cars, and fish.

There is also a lot of wrestling that goes on when the hubs is home from work.

I can't help but think that with our new little one on his way, we will just be adding to the already dominating testosterone in this house.

And you know what? I couldn't be more excited.


  1. My son LOVES cars, truck and tracters. The only thing we have to do to distract him from something is give him one of the above. Must be a boy thing. My girls are not very interested in them.

    I also wanted to let you know I have a giveaway on my blog. If it's not the latest post click on the What am I? picture on one of the right sidebars.

  2. soooo feeling you on this. i LOVE brennan's obsession with cars, trucks, helicopters and playing "cliff" on our coffee table. i'm hoping the little girl will want to play too???

  3. it is amazing how boys are born with a natural tendency to love cars. i didn't encourage it and my son is obsessed as well.

    so excited for you #2 as well. lots of boys. so fun.


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