Friday, November 13, 2009

Time to Relax

Today was a long day. I couldn't help but count down the minutes until the hubs would come home and take over... or at least help out.

I never did get a break, I had forgotten about the meeting that he had tonight. So, after doing a quick dinner and putting the little man down to bed I got in my scrubs and pink fuzzy slippers, pulled out my new shiny magazine and warmed up a cup of hot cocoa.

I'm ready to relax.


  1. ick! who has meetings on friday nights?? sorry about the long day. i hope you enjoy your relaxing tonight.

    that cream looks heavenly.

  2. Your little booties look so comfy! And Martha looks so festive:)

  3. i was sooooo in the same boat that day...

  4. Good for you. I need to figure our why I'm not getting your posts on my have posted a ton of stuff that I haven't seen! I'll get right on that.


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