Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fresh Salsa

No curry tonight.  Instead we stuffed ourselves full of our favorite salsa for dinner.  I would love to tell you that I made this salsa from scratch and could give you the recipe, but the truth is that we bought it from our favorite mexican restaurant.  We splurged and bought a whole tub full tonight.  Yuh-um.

This stuff is my weak spot lately.  It is so yummy and so fresh and so spicy.  Seriously the best salsa we have ever come across.  I think my brother has even been quoted saying he could drink it, it's that good.  Not only is it the yummiest snack, but I love that I can justify eating a lot of it by telling myself that I am getting my daily servings of veggies.

On another note, we took a stroll through Target tonight and came upon their bulk section.  Talk about awesome!  We are one of the few families that actually doesn't own a membership to any of the bulk stores, so we decided to do a little stocking up.  We are now set for a while with toilet paper, cleaning products and apple juice.  Whoohoo.


  1. I saw that bulk section this week too! bought a huge box of goldfish. my kids are oh-so-happy.

  2. i will drink it the next time i have it. no chips.

  3. oh man, I LOOOOOVE that salsa too. By far my favorite ever. Nothing else compares. Too bad I live so far away from it...argh. I suddenly have a craving. :0

  4. hey remember how i wanted that salsa so bad last time i came up and i didnt get any? i do, i almost started crying when dad finally agreed to take me and they were closed. i am glad you are there to enjoy it. i will continue my quest for good salsa here in the Utah Valley, fat chance I will find any.

  5. You are killing me... I have made two batches of homemade salsa that for some reason just aren't turning out when usually it is a no fail recipe. It must be a bad time of year for the produce. I am dying for some GOOD salsa. No luck here in southern Utah either.


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