Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Tonight JC came home from work and declared a guy's night with Little Guy.  They piled on their coats and boots and headed out the door.  They had errands that needed to be run (new windshield wipers and McDonalds were on the list).  I had visiting teaching, so it worked out perfectly.

About five minutes after they left, I happened to look out the window only to find this:

The culprits?  LG and JC.  I love my two boys.

Yes, we did get more snow tonight and what is pictured above is just a portion of what came down.  Their tracks are completely covered, just 3 hours after they made them.  Can you believe it?  And yes, I am thoroughly disappointed about the new fluff.


  1. Snow?! Come on! I'm so ready for Spring!

    Your son and husband are such cute buddies:)

  2. that is oh so sweet. this has to be my favorite post of the week.


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