Monday, February 22, 2010


I've been having them lately.  No fun.  Most of them have consisted of me being back in Jr. High and High School (nightmares on their own) being late for class, being held back a grade level or getting lost.

Last night, however, was a real nightmare.  You know the kind when you wake up and have that awful scary feeling and can't seem to shake it?  This nightmare woke me from my sleep abruptly at 1:48 am.  I noticed that I was shaking and breathing hard.  My mouth was dry and I had to get up to go get a drink from the kitchen. As I gulped down the water, I thought back on what I had just seen.  The details of the nightmare aren't necessarily important (if I told it to you, it wouldn't sound that scary) but the feeling I had during the nightmare and afterward is what scared me to the very core.

I'm not sure what brought it on.  I try to avoid anything that might scare me as much as possible.  I'm not one for thriller or horror movies.  I can't stand the feeling I have when watching them.  I change the channel when previews for Shutter Island come on and close my eyes/plug my ears when clips from Paranormal Activity happen to sneak onto the t.v.

I used to have nightmares every so often while growing up.  It was usually the same nightmare over and over again.  However, I have only had one other nightmare like this since we have been married, but that was brought on after watching The Village.

Anyway, today will be slow moving.  I am sitting here in an oversized sweatshirt (my husband's) and yoga pants waiting for nap time so that I can catch just a few more z's.

On another note.  Little Guy is not so little anymore.  I grabbed a shirt that was a size too big for him a month ago and put it on him.  It is now a perfect belly shirt.  We measured and weighed him yesterday only to find out that he is still maintaining his 95% in weight and 97% in height.

He just loves rushing his growth on me.  I guess it's his own way of rebelling.


  1. Hi Hil, I hope you don't get any more dreams like that one you are talking about.So lucky you are wearing a sweatshirt, I am sitting at my desk almost not being able to breath with this suit.

  2. Right now I am expecting and have been having vivid dreams......coincidentally last night I had my own very vivid nightmare, with that scary after feeling you described. Hate those! Maybe it was something do with Feb. 21st? weird.

  3. So sorry about your nightmares. They are horrible. I am so sorry you are having them!

  4. I am so with you- I hate scary movies and I am hating the previews for that movie too. I hope the nightmares don't continue... sorry!


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