Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thoughts for a Tuesday Afternoon

:: No nightmares last night!  Wahoo!

:: So glad the headband has made it's beautiful debut once again.  I remember wearing them all the time in grade school.  Then they went away for awhile.  Now they are back and cuter than ever, not to mention as helpful as ever.  I currently only own the plain elastic ones, but have been considering venturing out to cuter ones.

:: Medical bills seem to be never ending.  I swear we finished paying them all last month, yet there I sat last night filling out more bills.  They are rude reminders of everything we went through in November.   For the record, the envelopes taste disgusting!  I really think they should make them flavored, which brings me to another point... is it really safe to lick glue?

:: Target is my happy place.  You know the saying "find your happy place"?  Mine is Target.  Today we went and came away with an adorable $4 spring shirt for Little Guy, some dollar bin items and chocolates.

:: I'm addicted to Lindt Lindor Dark Chocolate Truffles.  I'm usually not a fan of dark chocolate... and yes that means to all of you dark chocolate lovers, I am a fake chocolate lover.  Since all of you tend to refer to milk chocolate as fake chocolate.  These babies are the only dark chocolate I have ever actually enjoyed, and wanted to eat.  I think I'll go unwrap one now...

:: Why is it when I happened to run into my Jr. High student council advisor I insisted on putting myself in a completely awkward and uncomfortable situation?  Why did the words "after two kids" come out of my mouth?  Did I not think about the awkward position this would put both of us in?  And why must my face turn a bright shade of red when I'm embarrassed, only making the situation even more embarrassing?  Ugh.  I think I'll go have another chocolate...

:: I'm trying to think of something to do for the sweet photographer who volunteered her time and amazing talent to take pictures of our sweet little Michael.  Thinking about a B+H gift card.  Any other ideas?

:: I love being a mom.  Yesterday we took a lazy day and just stayed home.  Little Guy asked if he could cuddle with me on more than one occasion and I thought for certain that my heart was going to burst.

:: Does it seem like everyone is either pregnant or has a newborn baby... or is it just me?  It's probably just me.  One more chocolate...

:: Can't decide if I will go and take a nap now that my Little Guy is fast asleep.  I didn't take one yesterday and I couldn't believe the things I was able to get done!  But I was dead tired by the time he woke up and wanted to play.  Hmm.  If only my bed weren't so comfortable.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I love to read your blog Hillary! Today's made me smile ... you just gotta love Lindt though, don't ya?!

  2. Saying prayers for you and your family... I can't imagine how hard it is to see those reminders every month! And yes, everyone is pregnant. I've noticed it, too!

  3. I confuse I am a fake....chocolate lover myself...but boy do I love it! I heart target too! I think B & H is wonderful or you could even do Adorama...one of my other favorite photograph places to buy stuff...whatever you do she will love it! Now that you made me hungry I need to go eat those fake chocolate covered pretzels I made the other day.... much love girl!

  4. I love this post. The tiny tidbits of life are my favorite. No, it is not just you thinking everyone is pregnant. I have 10, that's right TEN friends who are pregnant or just had a baby.

  5. I haven't tried those Lindt, because I'm a fake chocolate lover too. I like the sweetness instead of the more bitter taste of dark. I might have to try those.

  6. Hil, I can't begging to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog.
    Target: I love it, that's where I buy Cami's clothes for school.Their prices are great and they have really cute stuff.
    Medical bills: They are a killer.
    Not only you thinking everyone is pregnant, my friend just had a baby and spring is coming soon and it seems that I can't keep up making baby shower cookies for upcoming babyshowers,little boys, girls and even twins. Not a good time for me since I am going throught a personal hard time myself.

  7. Hil, I think you should definitely venture into the cute headbands. Something I would never be able to pull off, but you, definitely yes. So sorry about the medical bills, that is totally insult to injury. I think they should definitely forgive bills in situations like that. My sister still gets bills from her husband's death and he died a year ago. It's like a rude reminder every single time. Wow, I think I could go off for a while on this, but I won't! Hang in there. :)


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