Friday, March 5, 2010

Adventures in Motherhood

I am a somewhat young mother.  I married young and had Little Guy when I was still young.  Some people have wondered if I feel like I have missed out on life.  I haven't ever felt that way.  I suppose it is because I always wanted to be a mom when I grew up.  Motherhood is my life and without it I would feel like I was missing out.

I wanted to document a little bit about me as a mother on a day to day basis, for the benefit of my Little Guy and (hopefully someday) his siblings.

To my Little Guy-

-- I let you watch cartoons every morning while I shower and get ready for the day.  A lot of mommy's would shun this, but it's the only way I can sneak away for 15 minutes unnoticed.

-- I love watching you eat.  I also love when you say "Mmmm!  Good!" when you eat whatever it is that I have made for meal time.  It makes me feel like I have succeeded in something that day.

-- Your daddy and I sneak in to your room before we head off to bed each night.  We usually just check to make sure you are comfortable and all covered up.  I always bend over and steal kisses from your soft squishy cheeks and whisper, "I love you".

-- I always eat cookie dough straight out of the bowl when we make cookies.  I even stow away a tupperware full in the freezer for the next week so that I can have my cookie dough fix.  I let you lick the beaters (raw eggs and all) because I feel guilty about my indulgence.

-- I love getting out and having time to myself.  Those times are few and far between, mostly because when I am off on my own all I can think about is what you are doing and how much I miss you.

-- I have taught you to say "please" and "thank you".  It always surprises people when you say it and they comment how polite you are.  This always brings a big smile to my face.

-- There are days when I feel inadequate as a mother.

-- I often wonder what I did that was so right to deserve such a wonderful child.  You are very mild mannered, with an occasional two-year-old outburst here and there.  Mostly though, you really enjoy life.  Especially if that life includes goldfish crackers.

-- I turn up the music and dance with you at least once a day.  I am a horrible dancer, but you don't seem to mind... yet.

-- I try to get you outside at least once a day, when it isn't subzero temperatures (this means we went a few months without getting outside each day).  We usually just walk to the mail box - which is down the street - and back.  You always seem to find a puddle or a rock along the way to play.

-- I never get enough sleep.  This isn't your fault (not anymore at least... it was the first year we had you, since you refused to sleep through the night until you were one).  I am usually up working late or watching a movie.  I am a night owl and you are a morning person.  It's a bad combo and makes for a sleep deprived mom.

-- I usually take a nap during the day while you are napping.

-- You love to help me clean.  You are always right by my side while I scrub the bathroom or vacuum the floor.  It always takes twice as long to let you help me do these things, but I let you because I love that you have a desire to help.

-- I love creating things with you.  Whether it's with crayons, paint, play-dough, paper or food.  It's fun for me to see your mind work.

-- I fake you out in making you think you get to eat a whole pack of fruit snacks, when in actuality I take half of them out of the bag before giving them to you.  This is done in an attempt to help you not eat too much sugar... I'm such a hypocrite.

-- I love your dad.  He is my best friend and has been from the very beginning.  We are always laughing when we are together (most likely over something you did earlier in the day).  He works so hard each day, and when his working day is over his school day has only just begun.  He wants to make sure he does everything possible to ensure a good life for his family and I admire him so much for that.

-- I strive to make our home a place where the Spirit can be.  Every chance I get, I try to teach you about our Savior and the love he has for you.

-- I read to you before nap time each day and bed time each night.  You have such a love for books

The most important thing I want you to know about me is how much I love you.  I have come to know and feel the power of a mother's love.  You bring me so much joy as I watch you learn and grow each day.  In turn you have taught me so much.  Thank you for putting up with my quirkiness and loving me for who I am.


  1. So sweet. I agree with so many things. I really am in tears. I blame it one womanly hormones... and your sweet writing.
    I love being a mother too - there really isn't anything better. I too am always sleep deprived. :) I think it comes with the job.

  2. Wonderful words, Hil. I am looking forward to have my own little kid one day. They are such a pleasure. I just spent a wonderful day with a cute litte boy - he makes me laught so much.

  3. Such a great mom you are- even if you do let him watch cartoons to take a shower. I think we all do that.

  4. I love this post! Little Guy is lucky to have such a good mommy. And don't worry, I let Z-cakes watch TV every single day. :)

  5. This is a great post!! I taught Elijah to say Please and Thank you too... in fact, he was at my friend Emily's when we were closing on our house, and said thank you when she handed him his lunch! Even I was surprised when she told me that he did that on his own. And I was wondering how people took showers with kids around - right now I can strap him in his high chair, but in this little house, the dining room is practically in the bathroom anyway. In the next house, it's much farther away, so we'll need a new plan! :)

  6. oh, Hil this post is wonderful. My little Camilla is 30 months old and I also keep a diary for her.we work so hard because we want the best for her and our family too.If I'm by myself at home I also put her to watch cartoons so I can get ready! I do feel like I am not as good mother as I should be, but I am trying not to be so hard on me.

  7. dace parties for two are the best.
    this was so sweet. such a perfect snapshot.

  8. He is going to love reading these someday. I'm glad I'm not the only sleep deprived mom out there! THat is something I'm trying to fix!
    He is such a cutie. What a great mommy you are!

  9. Ok, so I love the way you write! The part about sneaking into "Little Guy's" room made me a little jealous though! I wish Lance didn't have to miss out on that sort of thing... "Little Guy" is so lucky to have you for his Mommy! I'm lucky to have you as my "Cuz!" Anyways, I'm thinking dance party here soon when we come to visit. Carson loves to jam out so it would be fun to be silly together! I'm sure we could even teach eachother some sweet new moves! Love ya Hil. XoXo


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