Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bribery is so sweet...

...especially when it is a bribe for me and it includes brownies.

The story goes like this:

Last Sunday in church, our sunday school teacher (who is also the choir director) was teaching the lesson just like every sunday before.  This man tries to recruit me to the ward choir every.single.sunday.  I usually politely decline and tell him that if choir practice weren't during my nap time and if I could sing, then I would be there.

During his lesson he told a story about the "perfect bribing brownies".  He told us that anytime he wanted someone to do something for him, all he had to do was show up with a bag of these brownies from a bakery down town and they would do it.

It was rather rude of him to continue on like he did about them.  His description of the brownies had my mouth watering.  They were cream cheese brownies and I wanted one (or ten...).  I made a mental note to take a trip down town that next week and pick some up from the little bakery he had mentioned.

After class, I went up and jokingly told him that if he brought me some bribing brownies I would come to choir practice.

Well, today he showed up at our door with a sack full of brownies.  He told me he had held up his end of the bargain, now it was my turn.  Dang.

I guess that means I am in the ward choir now.

I must say that the brownies are almost worth the sacrifice of giving up my Sunday nap.  They are pretty amazing.


  1. no way. serious?! what a funny incident. those look delisch, you'll have to tell me where they're from!! i feel guilty for not going to choir either.. am sure it'll be fun, i may have to join you..

  2. I'll keep this brownie thing in mind the next time I need a favor from you. I'm really glad you shared...

  3. Dang, choir. But dang, brownies.


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