Wednesday, March 3, 2010

For you unbelievers...

photo courtesy of my macs photobooth.

A while back I tweeted this to which my brother re-tweeted this.  There were some unbelievers, so this post is for nothing else but to provide proof.

Allow me give you an explanation. I come from a long line of family members whose hair is naturally curly.  Even my brother has curly locks if he grows his hair out.  I think the only two exceptions are my dad and littlest sister... they are the lucky ones.  The rest of us, when we don't straighten our locks, have what I like to call Total 80's Butt Rock Hair.

It is out of control people.  No amount of de-frizz product can help and the longer it is, the harder is it to manage.

My only hope is that the style featured below will come back in fashion... and QUICK!

p.s. I'm loving this video posted by shepizzle.  Maybe I'll use my butt rock hair to my advantage by rocking out to this song today.


  1. This makes me laugh my hair can do this as well sometimes...I feel ya! They are saying a softer 80's wave is suppose to be in this is to hoping!!!

  2. No wonder I feel such a kinship with you! I too am waiting (desperately hoping) for big 80s hair to come back. Then, I'm gonna SHINE!

    On a serious note, I found products that I reeeeaaallly love: the DevaCurl line. You can find it online, but don't get it confused with the imposter DevaCare.

  3. awesome. i love it. for us straight blah haired girls, we are green with envy. i TRY to make my hair do that. i seriously like it. you are too cute for words.

  4. I've always dreamed of curly hair. My hair wont even take a perm.


    You look great.

  5. NO WAY! I won't tell you how jealous I am of your naturally curly hair, Marta already covered that. :)

  6. You look great!you should see me when I wash my hair...scary!!

  7. Straight hair girls (like me) want curly butt rock hair and curly butt rock hair girls usually want the straight hair.

    Ah, the grass is always greener..

    Your hair is beautiful!

  8. Oh I know what you are talking about. My hair is doing whatever it wants all the time. It is neither straight nore curly - more like wavey but in a weird way. The hair straightener is my best friend =)

  9. I second the hair straightner is my best friend. At least you have prettycurl I have ugly wave.

  10. Too bad you always look absolutely gorgeous even when you are trying to make fun of yourself. Nice try, Hil!


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