Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Ginormous Thank You

I received this letter in the mail yesterday.  It is a thank you from Arden, a young girl with Ebstein's Anomaly.  I believe her father is the president of the Ebstein's Anomaly Foundation.  

I wanted to pass it along to you.  Thank you, thank you to all who made it possible during the month of February to make a donation to the EAF.  It was such a special thing that we were able to do in little Michael's honor.  

I am continuing to make donations to the foundation each month with every purchase of the Michael's Big Heart template.  Please feel free to spread the word.

p.s. I made this bread today in preparation for all things green tomorrow.  Can't wait to leave little Leprechaun surprises for Little Guy.


  1. Arden's story was featured on the news in Pennsylvania where she lives. I just watched the video online here: http://www.mcall.com/news/all-4arden-061808,0,3781114.story
    And here's the link to an article on her: http://www.ebsteinsanomaly.org/images/Morning%20Call%206-18-08.pdf

  2. Wow Hilary, this is seriously so cool. I'm very proud of you.


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