Monday, March 15, 2010

hello spring.

Hello Spring.  We have missed you.

Little Guy and I spent as much time as possible soaking up the rays and getting a nice dose of vitamin D today.  It was absolutely gorgeous outside.

We found our shadows!  They had been missing for far too long.

We drew with sidewalk chalk.  Well, it was "we" until Little Guy decided to be stingy.

So then I decided to read my new magazine instead.

I'll tell you something, it was a fun read... but not as fun as my Little Guy was having with his sidewalk chalk!

When we were done playing outside, we headed inside to make pizza.  (It was absolutely delicious! CPK has always been a personal favorite.) 

During the process, poor Little Guy kept knocking over the water with the yeast which made for an irritable mom.  So much for being patient and cherishing every moment I have with my adorable son.  Shortly after, I felt awful, gave him a huge hug with extra kisses and told him I was very sorry for being a mean old mom.  

I then gave him an entire cheese pizza all for himself.  He thought I was the best mom in the whole world.  We'll just let him think that while I work on my issues.

Did Spring come visit you too?


  1. so fun! I just picked up some sidewalk chalk for both my kind in the Target dollar section. It was still too cold for me yesterday to join them, but my kids spent the entire day outside. It was so quiet in the house! I can't wait until it is REALLY warm.

    Love that magazine picture with LG playing in the background. CUTE!

  2. The wind was pretty chilly here but it was nice that the sun was out so we did indeed play outside yesterday.
    But I think it's time to whip out the sidewalk chalk!

  3. Spring just arrived today! Wahoo!

  4. Yes Spring is here- hopefully to stay and for a long while before our 110 degree weather sets in.

  5. I am posting this comment here because I wanted to make sure you see it, rather than posting it on your entry from November of 2009. My son was born on 2/2/10 with Ebstein's Anomaly. I stumbled across your blog today during a Google search on EA. I wanted to give you the link to my blog and let you know that I've linked your EA post on my blog as well. Thank you for sharing your journey on here. It helps to know that we are not alone.

  6. Yay for spring! The warmth feels good to my soul!
    I love your pictures!

  7. Spring is definitely here. It will be going away for a while in a couple of days, but it promises to come back.


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