Monday, March 1, 2010

I found joy today

It was in...

...cuddles from my little guy while watching our morning cartoons. little guy playing with his toy airplanes outside in the sunshine.  He ran as fast as he could making sure I was watching how fast his airplanes were flying.  Then he would giggle and stop to catch his breath only to do it all over again.

...this picture that I found while organizing my iPhoto files.  It made me laugh right out loud.  I can still remember the how excited/shocked Little Guy was about that dog trotting along so close.

...brown paper sack lunches shared with my husband who forgot to bring his today.  Little Guy and I packed up some lunches and met JC at work.  We ate pb&j in the car and shared stories about our day.

...Charade.  Seriously such a cute movie.  It had me laughing and smiling the whole way through.

...the chocolate covered cinnamon bears that I splurged on at the local craft store this weekend.  Yum.  (Sorry no photo... I must have devoured them too quickly.)

Where did you find joy today?


  1. Wonderful post Hil, I am glad you are having a good day, we all need these joy moments you are talking about. :)

  2. I adore porter's cinnamon bears. (I always pick up a bag full when I go up there!) Oh...I just need to make a trip up. I love everything about that store. are such a wonderful example to the rest of us. Finding Joy in the simple and mundane is something most of us need to work on. You seem to have mastered it.

  3. I'm always in awe of your ability to find joy in the little things. Your blog title is truly fitting. You're pictures are so beautiful lately too! Also, now I'm craving chocolate covered cinnamon bears.


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