Thursday, March 25, 2010

In Michael's Honor...

I got an email from my sweet aunt last night.  In the email, she informed me that she had just completed 40 crocheted beanie hats for newborns in Michael's honor.  Aren't they beautiful?  It truly brought tears to my eyes.  What a beautiful way to honor our sweet little Michael.

Thank you again Aunt Jody, I sure love you.

p.s. I guess I found my mentor for crocheting.  I completed my first project last night...a bookmark.  It was a very pathetic attempt.  I may just have to steal some lessons from her!


  1. Hilary this is wonderful! What a special aunt you have. And it's so incredible how you've inspired others to serve in Michael's honor.

  2. Oh how what a sweet aunt you have.

  3. I just read through your experience with your sweet baby. Wow.
    You are very strong and a great example to all of us. I'm sure Micheal is honored that you are his mother.

  4. Very neat! I love the beanie hats and that they were in honor of your sweet baby.

  5. How thoughtful of your aunt!


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