Sunday, March 14, 2010


Tonight we watched a movie about a woman of tremendous strength.  In her lifetime, she bore nine children and adopted two.

Her first child died shortly after birth, as did her twins just three years later.

She then adopted twins whose mother had died, leaving the husband unable to care for the infants.

A year later one of the twins died.

Eight months after the death of the twin, she gave birth to a healthy son.

She went on to have three more healthy children.

One of which she lost when he as just 14 months old.

She then gave birth to a stillborn.

Her husband was killed.

Four months after her husband's death, she gave birth to one final healthy son.

During all of this she suffered additional tribulations and hardships.

As we watched this movie I couldn't help but wonder how she did it.  Of the eleven children she had, she lost six.  I have experienced the loss of a child.  It was the hardest, most heart wrenching experience I have ever gone through in my entire life.  I can't even imagine going through it over, and over, and over again.

Despite this woman's trials and tribulations, she continued to be a woman of great hope.  In a letter to her son, she wrote "I have seen many, yes very many, trying scenes in my life which I could not see … where any good could come of them.  But yet I feel a divine trust in God, that all things shall work for good."

I am grateful to this woman and her amazing strength.  Hearing her story renews my strength and makes me realize, once again, just how truly blessed I am.

She and I have shared at least one thing, the hope that we will someday see our children again.


  1. I watched that movie a couple weeks ago and it truly touched me. I've seen it before, but now that I have a child it really hit home. You too have strength like Emma, Hil. I can't imagine what you're going through, but through it all you've stayed so strong and faithful.

  2. I want to see that movie! Emma Smith really is amazing. I can't even imagine what she has gone through...

  3. Loved this movie. I was glad I was able to get to know her a bit better.


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