Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day - Twenty Ten Style

picture via google images

A few of my Earth Day favorites.

:: a new movie that I can't wait to see.

:: an old movie that everyone must see.

:: 31,465,108 billion acts of green.  awesome.

:: green may become the new prominent color in my closet.

:: definition and history of this great day.

:: wild nature survivor guy on sesame street today.

:: how green are you?

We are lucky enough to enjoy Earth Day through sheets of rain and claps of thunder here.  Little Guy and I are recuperating from our big day yesterday, complete with the preparation of five casseroles and a big Relief Society bash to end the night.

We plan on staying in our sweats and watching the rain fall for the rest of the day!


  1. Those maternity clothes look ultra-comfy. Wish I would have known about that place!

    I totally have the Oceans movie on my to-see list. Now I just need to talk J into watching a doc.

  2. I agree... oceans is now on my list.
    I still have to see Food Inc... I've heard a lot about it, but I need to watch it! It looks enlightening!
    Fun post.


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