Friday, May 21, 2010

A Happy Friday List

:: Toms is really killing me with this new announcement and these still.

:: seriously considering buying this for the next baby.  Little Guy had colic and spent many nights sleeping in our arms.  I'm such a sucker for customer reviews, and this one has some great ones!  What do you think?

:: is a life saver.  such a great way to budget and keep track of where your money is going.  and it is free.  awesome.

:: I am mustering up the courage to tackle my coffee table and refinish it.  I can't decide on a color though.  any suggestions?

I just came back from frantically running around my house shutting off all the fire alarms.  Little Guy had set the toaster to it's highest setting and pushed down the button.  It smells awesome in here.  Anyway, back to where we were...

:: my mom bought this mascara while she was here last week.  let me tell you, it is a miracle worker.  once my usual stuff (that I love) is out, I'm off to buy me a tube of it!

:: I am one of those lucky pregnant women who get that nasty metal taste in their mouth and produce extra saliva (don't be jealous).  I made this recent discovery, once again thanks to my mom, and I am addicted!  I can now drink water without the nasty taste.

:: I was going to spend my birthday money on some new maternity clothes, but then I saw this beauty...

:: lastly, my cousin provided an awesome link to help out with Facebook security issues.  take a look if you have an account!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. ooh! I love the striped wedges!

    And that letterpress thing from Quickutz is awesome. I spotted it last Jan at the CHA and have been coveting one.

  2. The letterpress thing looks so cool... I want one so badly =)

    And I have the The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara, too. It really is the best one I've ever had. Love it.

  3. I want the nap thing having a baby in Dec. I am going to buy it thanks for the link.

  4. love the wedges.
    we just bought the nap nanny for bean... he doesnt really like it... so if you want to buy it from me let me know.

  5. Could you post about your TOMS again? I just bought a pair. They are really comfortable and really cute, but sometimes I'm not sure how to wear in they look dorky on my feet with certain outfits. Would love a post on how you like to wear yours...maybe with some pics included? Tips needed!

  6. I am so glad you shared that link for Facebook privacy... I was considering getting rid of my account, but that made me feel a lot better! Thanks!


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