Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Rainy Day

We woke up to rain this morning.  

I just wanted to stay in bed and listen to the rain patter on the roof and windows.  Instead, I got up and made oatmeal, started yet another load of laundry, changed a diaper, made beds, designed a bridal shower invite, showered and cleaned the bathroom.  While in the shower I wondered what it used to be like when I had less responsibility.  That is, before I was a wife and mom.  

What did I do back then with all of my free time???  I can barely even remember. 

In college I was waking up at five every morning (after being kept awake by my roommate who loved to blast Outkast until three in the morning... you can imagine how I happy it made me to hear "Hey Ya" two hours before I had to wake up) to make it to my six o'clock shift.  I would clock in, turn on my phone and talk to ornery customers for eight hours straight.

I would then go home, start on some homework and heat up a frozen burrito (or two).

Rinse, and repeat.

At this point in my flashback I shuddered and was very grateful to be scrubbing the toilet.


  1. I loved my college days, but am so glad to not be there any more. I can't believe your roommate - rude!

  2. hi Hillary! you probably dont remember me but we had a science class together at BYU-I (you were still pregnant and getting your AS degree). how are you doing? Love your blog btw. We should be facebook buddies! ( I saw you on marta's blog)

  3. Hillary,

    It was nice to see your comment on my blog. Rachel is a very dear friend of mine as well. (We've known each other since Sunbeams.) She had told me about your story several weeks ago but I hadn't had the courage to read it until now. Your story is very touching. Thank you so much for sharing. I will definitely keep following your story and I will keep in touch. It's amazing to me how many stories like ours that are out there. Until this happened, I had no idea. Thank you again.
    Katie Schwabedissen

  4. Oh my goodness! If I was the one who blasted Outkast,
    I can't remember much of those days either,
    but I do agree that life is much better/enjoyable now:-)
    love ya!

  5. Haha, Katie it wasn't you! It was the set of roommates I was with before you and Liz. You guys were heaven sent compared to the ones I had come from. :) Those really were the good days... mmmm.... reeses cake!!!

  6. hilarious. yes, we have the good life. we just have to keep reminding ourselves! thanks for letting us come and play. benj was so sad to leave your playtown kingdom. hopefully little man will be happy with our version!

  7. Your post makes me smile. I sure remember those days, and I am so happy to be here now. I much rather be up at night with my little one now than taking cake of my always crying best friend. Have a great weekend Hil.

  8. Heaven, the south side right:)
    I am relieved to know it wasn't me.


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