Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sayonara Baby

I DID IT.  I deactivated my Facebook account tonight.  The "Follow Hil" section on my sidebar is looking more and more pathetic, but I couldn't be happier.  Before doing so, I went through and deleted all of my photo albums, contact info and profile info.  I also filtered it down to just my really close friends and family.  This way, if I ever gain trust again with Facebook, I can reactivate my account. They have just been a little too sketchy for my liking lately.

When I first started Facebook it was only for college students.  In fact, you had to have a valid email address from the school you were registered at in order to gain access.  Now, Facebook is too huge for it's own good!

My real issue is with privacy.  How is one person supposed to keep up with their 170 privacy settings?  I was constantly being told by friends to go in and check one box or another to prevent them from sharing my info with people I didn't want them to.  These things were always added without my knowledge, and were it not for my friends I would have allowed my personal info to be shared with who knows what.

Anyway, it was sad to say goodbye to my family and friends, but I feel like it was the right thing for me (personally) to do.  I feel like making an actual phone call to those family and friends will make up for any lost virtual interaction.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with that blank looking widget on my sidebar...


  1. I remember how much Jon loved the floating baby widget, you could put that one back up just for him:)
    I am looking forward to getting rid of my account when my class reunion is over. I signed up for facebook solely to find classmates and it has indeed served it's purpose well since everyone and their poodle is on it. But it will be nice to be done with it in the fall. Enjoy your FBfree life!!! :)

  2. I hear ya! I joined back when it was only for college students... I'm debating doing the same thing. Already de-activated my Twitter and I would waste a lot less time if I didn't have FB either... I might be following in your footsteps soon.

  3. MIchelle- That's totally funny you remember Jon hating that widget. I can't blame him, it was pretty creepy. I may just have to put that up top so it's the first thing he sees each time he visits the blog. :)

  4. you and j are making me nervous about this whole facebook security thing! I'll have to look into it...

  5. I forgot you had to have a valid school email to get fb -- it is sad companies care more about money then our privacy. I have changed a lot of my settings so hopefully they can't sell my info to advertisers.

  6. For those of you still using Facebook, this link is great for showing you what info is available for others to access. It will also fix those leaks if you choose. Check it out

  7. I did the same thing as you! But...
    I was listening on the radio today about this, and they said that even if you delete all your pics and info, they still have it on their main database! Ahhhh! Soo disturbing! Too much big brother stuff if you ask me!


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