Thursday, May 27, 2010

When Will We Learn?

I had a fun filled hike planned for this upcoming Memorial Day.  For those of you who know me well, you probably just fell out of your seat because you were laughing so hard, and possibly had some liquid come out of your nose if you happened to read that sentence mid swallow.

I am not a hiker.

I avoided hikes at all costs growing up.  The only hikes I wasn't able to get out of were the ones at Girls Camp, due to having to get certified or whatever.  So, that made it once a year.  Then one day I had the audacity to sign up for an outdoor biology class while married and in college.  We went on a hike once.a.week.  I actually enjoyed some of these hikes because we learned the names of all sorts of plants, animals, rocks, bugs, dirt, etc.  I hated the class, but it was definitely one of those classes that I learned the most from.  Even still, my poor husband had to hear me complain every week for a whole semester about having to go on hikes.

So, for me to voluntarily plan a family hike for this weekend is way more than just out of the ordinary.  But I did.  Mostly because I wanted to get Little Guy out of the house and out into nature.  Real nature.  Not man-made park nature.  I had even planned a yummy foil dinner that we could make at a nearby campsite.  I was actually getting excited.

That is until I saw this:

Seriously people.  When will we learn?  Everyone always plans huge camp outs, boating trips, fishing trips, etc. etc. and we always get rained on.  Honestly, I can't think of one Memorial Day weekend when we have had good weather.  We never went camping growing up, and I remember always thinking about my unfortunate friends who must be shivering in a tent somewhere as I watched the sheets of rain fall from the sky.

It looks as though I can get out of another hike after all.

Hope you all have a happy Memorial Day weekend!  We are for sure going out to visit our little Michael and plan on bringing some flowers, a cute little pin wheel... and an umbrella along.

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  1. this is the first year i didn't plan anything for memorial day, mainly b/c we were completely focused on sean studying for his board exams. anyway, we have planned things the last two years and it was rained out both times, so this year we planned nothing and what happens? gorgeous weather. of course.


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