Monday, June 28, 2010

Hil's Summer Music :: Guest Post

Today our Summer Music Playlist comes from the one and only Shepizzle, also known as Jon my brother. Jon has always been the music guru in the family.  I remember playing air band in the basement when we were little to Queen, Steve Miller Band, Led Zeppelin, etc.

My favorite memories, though, were when we had to share a car in high school and he would blast Bob Marley during that last stretch of school just to get us in the mood for summer.  He would also play Rush, using my head as a symbol while playing one of Neil Peart's drum solos.

Jon is always introducing me to new, unheard of music, and I love him for it.  I'm so excited he agreed to be our guest blogger today.  Take it away bro:

hil asked me to put together some tunes as a summer playlist and the following is my best attempt. there should be something for everyone but mostly it's just music that i will be listening to this summer.

stay close :: delorean
malerina :: shugo tokumaru
saddest summer :: the drums
mandy :: ratatat
bag of hammers :: thao & the get down stay down
home :: edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros
crown on the ground :: sleigh bells
the sound :: human highway
let's call it off :: peter bjorn & john
holiday :: vampire weekend
VCR (matthew dear remix) :: the xx
keep it goin' louder :: major lazer
strawberry swing :: coldplay
dog days are over :: florence + the machine

here's a link to the entire playlist on grooveshark here. (Do yourself a favor and click over, you won't regret it.  You have to double click on the playlist song to add it to your playlist at the bottom of grooveshark.)

sorry, no justin bieber or ke$ha. i put up lots of music on my site,



  1. Hello Jon, thanks for sharing this music that I have never heard before, it comes really handy for my boring day at the office. And more thanks for not posting anything Justin Bier related!

  2. so i think i've been living under a rock because i had never heard of grooveshark. it is fantastic! so excited to listen to your bro's mix. :)


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