Monday, June 14, 2010

Randomness for a Monday Morning

:: I have this picture on my desktop.  It reminds me of that one nice day we had about a month or two ago and makes me anxious for this rain to go away.  

:: Today looks promising!

:: I love that he is wearing a pink Dora swim diaper.  One of those things that he will say "MOM!!  What were you thinking?!?!?" when he is older.

:: I'll tell him I was thinking I didn't want him peeing in the pool.

:: This was in my brother's backyard.  I want to get a pool for our backyard but worry about the 10 other families that could be peering out their windows at us.  Ahh... apartment life.

:: Our neighbor's dogs bark nonstop.  I have considered going and buying bark collars for them all and sneaking over there in the middle of the night.  There are three of them.  They are all huge.  And they all bark.  All the time.

:: Actually, it would be cheaper to just open up the gate and let them run free...

:: I went to choir practice yesterday.  We are preparing a beautiful program for the 4th of July.  Made me all emotional.

:: Funny how when I get emotional about anything, I always end the emotional spout with thoughts of Michael and how I miss him.

:: Then my thoughts of Michael return that next day.  I miss him today.  I can tell because I have a lump in my throat and my heart feels heavier than usual.

:: Good thing it doesn't last too long as long as I think about blessings.

:: Speaking of blessings, I felt our baby move for the first time about two weeks ago.  I feel it all the time now, but it's not nearly as strong or determined to let me know they are there as Little Guy and Michael were at this stage.

:: It makes me smile every time I feel the little flutter.  It seems to really like to make itself present from about 10:00pm on.  Right as I'm ready for bed.

:: We find out if it's healthy in two weeks.  I'm nervous.

:: I'm also nervous to find out the gender.  But it has taken back seat to the main focus of the ultrasound.  A big change from the last two pregnancies.

:: Somebody told me in church yesterday that their unborn grandbaby was thought to have a heart defect.  Then, miraculously at the last appointment, the heart was perfect and all was well.  I love those stories.

::  I hate heart defects.

:: I have started eating oatmeal and doing yoga every morning.  Makes me feel a little more healthy.  

:: I won't mention the fact that I ate a cookie this morning before I had my oatmeal...

:: Or I guess I will mention that.

:: I can't help but think about Brian Regan when I am doing yoga.  Then I start to laugh and mess up my breathing and everything else.  That man is hilarious.

:: Speaking of yoga, I'd better get to it.

:: Before I do, don't forget to enter the cute giveaway.

Happy Monday!


  1. Happy Monday Hill, your post is making me smile. I have gotten Diego dipers for Cami ( sometimes they are out of Dora ones), I just don't take pictures that day she is wearing them, one day I know Little Guy wil say: Mommmmmmm? why I was wearing pink dippers LOL. I also have a neighbor's dog that wakes Cami up every day at night,I don't like that dog, I do not like big dogs at all.
    I am happy you are feeling great.

  2. I love all your random thought. I'm so excited about your new little flutter bug... I'll look forward to hearing more about him or her.

    That is quite annoying about the dogs.

    I hope it gets warmer and less rainy for you!!

  3. Can't wait to hear what kind of baby your getting. ;) Praying for a healthy one, no matter what gender.

    We are headed up there this weekend, so I'm hoping for some good weather too!


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