Monday, June 7, 2010

Reunited and it Feels so Good

A little Peaches and Herb for ya'll.

The man is back folks.

He was gone ALL WEEK last week and pulled into town on a big ol' travel coach (did I really just call it a travel coach... must be because of the book I am currently reading. apologies. I meant bus.) last night around 6:30pm.  Little Guy started laughing giddily and uncontrollably when I told him it was time to go pick up daddy.  We both missed him terribly.  He was gone for a business convention and was exhausted by the time we pulled up to our apartment.  Proof: We went to bed at 9.

It's always so much more fun when he is around.  Proof: Little Guy would ask when daddy was going to come home several times a day and would cry at night because he wanted his daddy home.  I pretty much did the same thing, but my pity party involved a tub of nutella and some graham crackers as well.

We are so excited because we are reunited, eh heyyyy....  Sorry, didn't mean to break into song there.

We all woke up at 8am this morning.  I panicked and woke JC up telling him he was late for work.  He muttered something that sounded like "I took today off."  Only to discover that is what he really did say.  I kicked him because I had told him yesterday that he should take tomorrow off and he said he couldn't.  The kick was a joyful one though.  We had all morning with him before he had to head off and study for his big test that is tonight.

The only downer is that the reunion won't last long.  He is already back to school and will be back to work tomorrow and has a golfing tournament out of state later on.  I sure love the man and miss him like crazy when he is gone.

We are happy to have our man back.


  1. You are the lucky one... enjoy every second with your man. Mine is still 349.2 miles away... and it won't change that soon. =(

    Love the picture by the way.

  2. Those reunions are the best, aren't they? No matter how long they've been away, it's so good to have them back! Wish you guys could have a little more time together before all the normal daily life stuff hits again, though.

  3. how sweet is that photo?! like father, like son! :)

  4. is that the second book to "these is my words?" i know i've heard of it before and i'm wondering if it is. email me if it is!

  5. I Love this picture! So cute! I'm sorry you were alone so long. I think its only natural to have a pity party. I do it more than I should..


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