Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wish me luck...

In an attempt to entertain Little Guy today, I promised to take him to the "Dragon Movie" aka "How to Train Your Dragon".  His uncle went two weeks ago and happened to mention it to Little Guy on the phone.  It is all he has been able to talk about ever since.  "I want to go to the Dragon Movie wike Jon and get big popcorn," he would say randomly several times a day.   Besides that, the weather is a little on the gloomy side, so I'm desperate and taking the (hopefully) easy way out.

This will be Little Guy's first movie ever in a movie theater.  I don't know that he has ever sat through an entire movie at home... but I'm hoping that being in the theater with a huge screen in front of him will keep him entertained for at least half of the time.

I am hoping a few things happen with Little Guy at the theater:

:: that he will share the popcorn bowl... I'd hate to spend $500 on a bowl of popcorn only to have him hog it the whole time.

:: that he will be entertained and stay entertained so that this doesn't turn into an "oh crap, where did he go?" experience.

:: that the movie won't be too scary so that I don't have to deal with nightmares for the next month.

:: that we are some of the only ones there.  we are going at 11:00AM and it has been out for a while... so I'm HOPING that we are there semi-alone.  that way if he isn't amused or entertained, I can let him walk the aisles (since I know for a fact that the lights on the floor will entertain him).

:: we will be able to have an enjoyable time and Little Guy will think I'm awesome because I took him to see a "big movie" with "big popcorn".  apparently bigger is better in the eyes of a two and a half year old.

So, my question for you who have taken a child this little to the movie theater... what are some of your tips and tricks in case LG loses interest?!

I'd love to hear them.  Preferably before 11:00AM.


  1. My grandkids are a little older - We took them to it for the second time and they still loved it. There may be one or two scary parts, but all in all it is a great movie

  2. oh, fun. We took C to princess and the frog and he was captivated the whole time. that never happens at home. I am sure your little guy will be perfect. he is such a sweet, well-behaved kid.

    have fun!

  3. I am sure he will be fine. The first time I took Cami to see a movie she lost interest 15 minutes after the movie started.She wanted to go up and down the stairs and popcorn didn't do anything for her.As you can see , I don't have good advize for you. Good luck and please share your experience.

  4. I am sure it will be great.
    I took my little friend to see a movie a while ago and was scared he won't sit still - like at home. But he was so into the big screen, sat there with his mouth open and didn't move an inch during the whole movie. Oh and his popcorn was gone during the previews before the actual movie even started =)

  5. My kiddos are bigger but it's a movie everyone will love... my little guy has this thing during movies that don't 100% capture his attention and we visit the bathroom at least once if not twice....he didn't move and inch the entire time. My the kids when they were small something about the big screen really kept them amused with some treats in hand. Good luck I hope you both really enjoy your experience today!

  6. Oh how fun...good luck! We've never taken Z-cakes to the movie either but we've been thinking about it. I bet he will be captivated.

  7. ooh, i can't wait to hear how the big movie and big popcorn event went! what a special day out. enjoy every second.

  8. How fun. I want to take my kids to see it. Let us know how it is.
    As far as movie tips (I know it's after 11 sorry)
    I always ask for an extra popcorn bucket. That way you can dump some in it so you can actually have some.
    My kids have usually sat through movies really well but when you go at 11 people have to know kids are going to be at a kid movie and are usually really good and understanding about it.
    Also this summer we always go to the free movies at the big theater here. The kids love it, I love it and it's free. (If you want the link to the dates and movies let me know)


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