Thursday, July 29, 2010

A list for a Thursday

:: I bought some new nail polish the other day.  I wanted it to be a melony pink.  It was more tangerine orangey pink.  Guess I should have gotten one called "Melony Pink" rather than "Tangerine Joy".

:: Baby Boy is kicking my bladder because he has the hiccups.  Oops, I mean, Buddy is kicking my bladder.  Little Guy insists we call Baby Boy, Buddy.  Where that came, we'll never know.

:: The hubs and I seriously can't stop laughing at this awesome video.  Please go watch it.  Ten times.

:: I don't miss Facebook one bit.

:: Ever since I heard her story, I have counted my blessings 100 times over and snuggled my Little Guy a little closer.  My prayers go out to her parents and family.

:: We had a thunderstorm storm last night.  Little Guy kept yelling "STOP RAIN!", but I told him that he couldn't make it stop and he just needed to enjoy it.  I said, "I love the smell of rain, it's my favorite."  He then said, "I love the smell of the rain too!  It's my favorite too!"  It was too cute.

:: This is just way too creative.  I never would have been brave enough to do that with Little Guy... he was such a fickle sleeper.

:: I'm in. love. with. letterpress. posters.

:: Currently reading this book.  I hate when I can't pronounce a name or title while reading a book.  I remember when I read Harry Potter, it wasn't until the 4th or 5th book that I finally knew that it wasn't "Her-me-ownie" it was "Her-Miney".  At least, I think that's what it is...  Anyway, anyone know how to pronounce Guernsey?

:: Little Guy and the hubs are finally back to "normal".  I made it out of that war zone sick free.  How that happened, I have no idea... but I'm sure not complaining!


  1. Mmmmm...I love a great list. N8tr0n and I have been singing "Dad Life" for a couple of weeks!

  2. Great pic and great list, Hilary.

    I am with Hannah on the pronounciation of Guernsey.
    Turn your volume on and check this out:
    You can also type in Hermione ;)

  3. Those pictures are adorable! I'm not that brave to try with my sleeping babies either!

    Hilarious video... I'll have to show that one to the hubbs...

  4. loving your list. such good things lined up in a row. thank you. and that music video is amazing. dan is so going to love it.

  5. love the letterpress links.

    i just came back from preslee's mamas blog and need to go sit with God for a bit.

    thanks for sharing the links!!

  6. I am reading the potato peel pie book too! I am only a little bit but i have friends who swear it is the best book ever! guess we'll see!

    ps- I don't know how to say Guernsey either so i just call it the potato peel pie book! :)


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