Friday, August 6, 2010

Hil's Summer Music :: Guest Post

Today's guest post is from Marta of  A few weeks ago, Marta gave my Little Guy a "silly summer songs" cd that he instantly fell in love with.  He requests it every time we get in the car and each time it plays he says "Marta and Benji made this for me!"  After seeing his enthusiasm for the cd (and enjoying it myself) I asked Marta to make a special mix of tunes for the Hil's Summer Music series.  Thanks Marta, for sharing some great tunes!

silly summer songfest 2010

i'm thrilled to share some of my favorite tunes of summer 2010 on hil's blog. (am feeling a bit out of my element, as hilary is the queen of hip tunes.) here's the thing, my family goes camping every year and my sister amy created a cd for us which included a lot of these silly songs, so i have to give her credit for finding such awesome versions of old favorites as in i love the mountains and three little birds. i love a mix cd that all ages can enjoy and sing along to (from grandmas to kiddos), and i snuck in a few cool tracks for the too-cool teens in your life. i can just picture a bunch of girls in the backseat singing their hearts out to this mix on the way to camp, getting all pumped up. and no one likes taking a roadtrip without john denver and neil diamond. i mean, really. those guys have an open invitation to our family reunions. number ten is one of my all-time favorites. it makes a debut onto all of my cd burns. i can't help it, i just adore the song. near the end, i tend to slow it down with a few calm tracks to wrap it all up in lullaby style. hope you enjoy.

{click here to listen} -note some of the songs were not found, so look them up!
If you have a playlist you would like to submit to this series, send it my way via hilsblog{at}gmail.  I'd love to hear what you are listening to this summer!


  1. Great list of amazing songs! Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi great list. I thought it quite funny at first as the way they are written looks like bile scriptures noy play lenghs.
    This then took my mind to wondering how many people see music as their god. Glad I have God in my life . would love to do a playlist

  3. What a great list of music!

    I've given your blog an award...


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