Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Lazy Days of Summer

{more like 24 1/2, but the week got away from me}

Where did the supposed "lazy days of summer" go?  Our week has been jam packed and I feel myself counting down the seconds to when we will be at my parents house sipping smoothies by the pool.  Until then, we are busy, busy.

So far this week, we have:

01. Been on spider watch.  I found a hobo right above our bedroom door frame the other morning.  I have been in a panic frenzy about any speck I see on the walls or floors ever since.

02. Cleaned and changed the oil in the car.  This was needed badly.  After a summer of traveling, our car was caked in gold fish crackers and melted sno-cones.

03. Unpacked, did laundry and packed again.  After I folded the clothes I didn't even bother putting them back in their place.  They are sitting on my couch waiting to be stuffed in a bag once again.

04. The hubs has been working late every night (until about 9) to get ready for his company's big convention.  Poor guy is ready for a break!

05. The nesting has begun.  I finally organized our bathroom shelves and can I just say tupperware drawers were the best invention ever?  Also started on a clothing purge.  So long to any clothes that I haven't worn in the last year! (Even though it's technically not fair seeing as I have been pregnant for most of the past year).

06. Designed, printed and delivered our Relief Society activity's invites and posters for this month.

07. Filled orders, customized headers and installed templates for my shop.

08. Done a double take several times in the mirror as I stared on in disbelief at my bigger-than-normal sized rear-end.  I left the mirror to go eat some cookie dough to make me feel better.  Such a vicious cycle.

We are half way there to being ready for our vacation!  Hopefully today I can get the apartment cleaned, the fridge cleared and my toe nails painted.  The latter can present quite the challenge with my growing belly.

Stay tuned tomorrow for some more great summer tunes from a special guest.


  1. You don't look big. Really! That's exactly what I'd imagine a 24-week-pregnant woman to look like. You are darling.

    So sorry for the late working husband. I know how not-fun that is.

  2. You look so cute Hilary!!!! I'm so excited for you!!!! Enjoy your vacation coming up soon!

  3. You are so stinkin' cute Hil. Bravo on not putting away all of your I don't feel so bad since I didn't either. The spiders here TOTALLY FREAK ME OUT.

  4. I feel like I'm 9 months prego and I'm only 6 1/2. Dang it! It's tough with another little guy running around. You look just great!
    Husbands working late is never any fun. I know the feeling.
    It's good to have a busy schedule- makes the pregnancy go by a bit faster I think. I guess that's why mine seems to be going so slowly!

  5. The baby bump is looking very cute!

  6. Oh please miss skinny minny, you looked great!


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