Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Random Thoughts on Summer Colds

:: We're sick here.  Again.
::  I haven't been sick since I had the Swine Flu last October (while pregnant with Michael), but poor Little Guy was just sick a few weeks ago.
:: Being sick in the summer is much more of a bummer than in the winter.
:: At least in the winter it gives you an excuse to stay all bundled up and inside.
:: In the summer, especially the last days of summer, you just feel like you are missing out.
:: Is it just me or do colds hit harder when you are pregnant?
:: Maybe it's just because you can't take the "good stuff" to help you feel better.
:: It's kind of depressing using Kleenex's.
:: Their only use is for us to blow our noses in them.
:: And we pay to use them for that.
:: At least the boxes I have are cute ones.
:: That seems to make it a little better paying money for something I'm just going to blow my nose into.
:: Last night I woke up every hour
:: The hubs slept on the couch.  Poor guy.
:: He also stayed home from work half day to let me get some rest.
:: I love that man.
:: During the night I had insane Braxton Hicks contractions going on as well as body aches, a nasty cough and a plugged up nose.
:: Are Braxton Hicks contractions supposed to be insane?
:: Little Guy is handling his sickness much better than I am.
:: He just jumped off the counter into the hub's arms about 10 times in a row.  Climb, jump, run... climb, jump, run... I think he's missing the pool.
:: Grown-ups are such wimps when it comes to having colds.
:: You barely even notice when kids have them, except for the snail trails of course.
:: I'm off to go enjoy my last couple of hours of having the hubs home to entertain Little Guy.
:: Taking a break until we feel better!


  1. being sick while pregnant is the worst! pregnancy's not exactly a walk in the park to begin with anyway. i hope you guys kick this really soon!

  2. I remember when I was pregnant and I got the cold, I felt terrible. I hope you get better soon. And yes, Braxton Hicks contractions ARE INSANE!!

  3. I hope you and little guy will feel better soon.

  4. Get some odorless garlic pills and echinacea- should knock it out fast. And if you are brave and desperate enough just eat two spoon fulls of raw minced garlic-- that will really knock it out of you. Yes colds are worse when pregnant- I usually get one right before delivery and braxton hicks just get more interesting with each pregnancy. Hope you feel better!!

  5. No way! I'm so sorry you're sick. That is definitely the pits. I'll be thinking 'get well' thoughts for you.

  6. Oh snail trails - what a perfect yet gross way to describe it. I know exactly what you mean though.

  7. feel better, hil. i'm so so sorry!! we missed you today. and everyone was blowing their noses at the park. luckily i brought along our Toy Story kleenexes. these companies really get the best of us. feel better real real soon!!!

  8. ick, ick. I had crazy Braxton Hicks, too. They were super painful, but I kind of loved them. Weird, I know. I thought of it as my body's way of telling me the baby was almost going to be in my arms. I cheered them on.

    Hope the sniffles go away quickly!

  9. Yes, colds ARE way worse when pregnant! Hope you feel better.

  10. So sorry! Hope you feel better soon!

  11. Being sick and pregnant while raising a toddler = no fun at all! I hope you are feeling better soon.

  12. Hope you are feeling better! New follower....would love to have you follow back.

  13. We too have colds....they seem to circle our family. Colds are really no fun when it is 110+


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