Monday, August 30, 2010

So Fitting.

This is the view from my window today.  Completely fitting considering the fact that it is the first day of school around here.  I remember always hoping for a cold, fall day for the first day of school since all of my new school clothes usually consisted of sweaters and jeans.  I suppose those sweaters will get some use today with a high of 64 and scattered thunderstorms throughout.

We have moved Little Guy's new tricycle inside for the morning.  He got an early birthday present this weekend (like a month early) and hasn't been able to stop riding it since we brought it home.  He has even requested to sleep with it.  We are wishing we had gotten it at the beginning of the summer, rather than the end so he could have had more riding time.  He doesn't seem to mind pedaling around our tiny apartment though, and I love that I can get a few things done here and there as he rides from one end of the place to the other.

The hubs has officially started school again with last week being his first week of class.  He's hoping for a fairly laid back semester (as am I), but with it being his last we'll see how that actually turns out.  We are getting very excited as we now have the end to his schooling in sight.  However, now it begs the question of "What next?".  We have no clue and are anxiously waiting for some answers.  Life is beautiful that way, isn't it?  It creates such an adventure.

Today should be a happy one as we are finally on the tail end of our colds.  I've got a back realignment planned for today, which makes me happier than happy thinking of (hopefully) having a pain free back.  Tomorrow we get to see our baby boy via 3D ultrasound.  The excitement for that is also making my monday a happy one!

Happy monday.


  1. How exciting to see the baby in 3D!! keep us posted!

  2. That's about the same weather we have over here... I am in my hoodie and fuzzy socks - in August! That is so now right.

    Riding tricycles is so much fun - I loved it when I was little. But my mom never let me ride inside the house - little guy is a lucky one =)

    Can't wait to hear about the 3D ultrasound. That's so excited.

  3. i have to tell you that your weather sounds dreamy to me right about now. we have a high of 100 degrees with a solid hot wind blowing you around each time you step outside. oh fall...please come to az soon.

  4. That's so fun that little guy got a tricycle. My kids did a lot of indoor riding of trikes when we lived on the 26th floor of our building in Korea.

    Congrats to your man and you on his last semester of school beginning! That's great! And I know what you mean about the "What next?" question. It certainly does make life an adventure... stressful sometimes, but still exciting.

    How exciting about the 3D ultrasound!


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