Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Counting Down

{photo via paper crave}

::  Two and a half more weeks and we'll officially have a three year old in our house.  This just blows my mind.

::  Only a little over a month before Halloween is here.  Little Guy can't decide what he wants to be.  So far we have heard him request to be a pirate, a cowboy, a princess (I know, we're dealing with this one), a dragon, a dinosaur and a clown.

::  The hubs only has 12 weeks until he graduates!  WAHOO!  He has been pretty busy this semester, so having the end in site has definitely helped.

::  We only have 62 days to go before this baby is here.  Although, according to the ultrasound tech it's 55 days to go.  I guess we'd better start buying diapers!

::  94 days until Christmas.  Just thought I'd throw that one in there since everyone always seems to be counting down to Christmas.

::  Three and a half months left before 2010 is over.  I think I need to review my new years resolutions and get them started before I find myself in a new year again.


  1. Ha! Your thoughts about resolutions is cracking me up. :) 94 days sounds like tons or time before Christmas, right? Right?

  2. Lots of exciting things Hilary! Glad you threw in the Christmas countdown. We all are thinking about it.
    Can't wait till the babes gets here! Gees... graduation so soon too. I wonder when we'll ever reach that day. ;) Hope you are do super dooper this last little bit! Lots to look forward to.

  3. Wow you got a busy next couple of months.

  4. Three?? Are you serious? Wow... those kids grow way too fast.

    I first have my birthday countdown and after that I will start the christmas countdown =) Exactly one month to go...

  5. oh no, Christmas is around the corner. Time goes by so fast, pretty soon you will have Little Baby in you arms.

  6. Horray for babies, graduation and cute little Halloween costumes. Happy Birthday, C!

  7. would it make you feel better about the princess thing if I told you my 4 year old boy has a mad crush on Briar Rose/Sleeping Beauty and carries on conversations with her and hopes one day to kiss and marry her?

  8. hehe, henry did the same thing when he was 3, only he wanted to be a ballerina like june on little einsteins. he eventually settled on a cat. :)


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