Sunday, September 26, 2010


:: to be a woman.
:: for a husband who entertained my little guy so that I could watch the General Relief Society Conference.
:: for the Relief Society.
:: for visiting teaching.
:: for the reminder to not judge others.
:: for the motto "charity never faileth".
:: to have seen the president of the church laugh on more than one occasion during the meeting last night.
:: for leaders in my church who serve and guide us.
:: for technology that will allow me to re-watch President Monson's talk, this time with my husband.
:: for the opportunity to tune in to General Conference next weekend for even more inspiring talks.


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  2. It was wonderful, wasn't it? I loved Pres.Monson's talk. Such a great reminder. I kept thinking about the blogging world when he was talking.

    I actually went to the Conference Center last night with 4 of my friends. I always am amazed how it feels to be in the same room as THOUSANDS of women who believe what we believe. It was very uplifting.

  3. I LOVED Monson's talk- He didn't even really get into the meat of his talk and he already had me tearing up. Could be the hormones- but I think it's simply because he's so amazingly powerful in his spirit and words.

  4. is he not the cutest? so glad i was able to hear him speak.

  5. His talk was awesome! I love his sense of humor. I'm going to make Trent watch it with me tonight for FHE.

  6. This sound so interesting.I would love to learn a little more about it.

  7. Oh man. That man had me laughing and crying so much. (Girly hormones get you every once in a while!) I am so grateful for those great semi-yearly reminders.

  8. loved this talk so much. loved sis. beck's too...especially since i'm a historian and i'm always trying to get people to know their history ;) thanks for this lovely grateful list. i love it!

  9. Thanks for posting this. I didn't get to see it due to work and a crazy life. I was able to watch it on your blog late last night (12:30am) and it makes me THANKFUL for you! I sure love ya Hil!

  10. I too loved being able to listen to such inspiring talks. It is always good to be reminded of those simple things that we should be doing. President Monson was definitely my favorite...along with everyone else!


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