Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Three Day Weekend List

::  I think we tired Little Guy out this weekend.
::  I know we tired me out.
::  This picture is of him on the way home from the fair last evening.
::  He fell asleep at 6:00pm in the car, and woke up at 6:45am in his bed this morning.
::  He slept through us transferring him, changing him into his pjs, and didn't get any dinner.
::  I think that means he was tired.
::  We had family in town this weekend. My brother, his wife and cute little Stella came to visit.
::  It was so cute seeing Little Guy and Stella make each other laugh.
::  We celebrated the hubs 30th birthday!
::  We started at the Snake Bite for dinner, and continued the celebration at our place.
::  And ate A LOT of pie.
::  Because he is a pie guy.
::  We also got to see a lot of out of town extended family.
::  This involved a lot of sitting around and talking.
::  We realized just how exhausting sitting around and talking can be.
::  It was good to catch up with everyone.
::  We took Stella and Little Guy to the zoo yesterday.
::  We also went to the fair.
::  For 5 hours.
::  I'm 202 days pregnant.
::  Do you know what 202 pregnant days plus 5 hours at the fair equals?
::  I'm not awesome at math, but I'm pretty sure it equals a really sore pregnant woman.
::  It was all totally worth it though.
::  Between the scone bites, corn dogs and smiles on Little Guy's face, it was worth it.
::  We ended the weekend by watching the BSU vs. Virginia Tech game.
::  Well, hubs did.  I went to bed at 9, apparently missing the best part of the game.
::  I wasn't too disappointed, seeing how I really only truly enjoy watching BYU football.
::  It was a great weekend.
::  Definitely one of those ones that will be jotted down in the memory books.
::  Today brings another back adjustment, tracking my Braxton Hicks contractions (because they are seriously creeping me out) and lots of recuperating!


  1. I am glad you had a wonderfu weekend. I am kind of tired just reading to your list. LOL. We took Cami to the Zoo on Sunday, oh boy I was beyond tired by the time we got home. Cami still woke up like 3 times at night. Seriously, I do not know what I am doing wrong as a mon, this girl can't stay in her bed all night.

  2. What a fun weekend. So glad you have family close by that you love being with!

  3. Sounds like an exhausting (but fun!) weekend. I spent and evening at the fair when I was just a couple weeks shy of The Boy being born. I was hoping it would help speed up the whole process. It didn't. I was sore. But it was still worth it. I love the fair!


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