Monday, November 8, 2010

A List About Lists and Other Randomness

:: I've been on a list kick lately, which is very unlike me to be so "organized".
:: I have post-it notes all over my desk and night stand containing the things I want to get done.
:: I really never understood lists and why people said they got a "thrill" out of checking things off... but now I do.
:: Aside from chore lists, I also have a Christmas list sitting here on my desk staring at me.
:: I figure it will be easier to get the Christmas shopping done before the baby, rather than after.
:: will be my best friend again this year as I have a free Prime membership for the month of November.
:: Who doesn't love free second day shipping?
:: Speaking of Amazon and lists, have you created your universal wish list for this year?  Do it.  Your family and friends will thank you for making their Christmas shopping so much easier.
:: It rained hard last night.
:: I was up all night with potty breaks and contractions.
:: Little Guy fell out of bed last night as well.  It was a rough one.
:: We woke up to rain and it is currently snowing.
:: The first snow of the season!
:: Little Guy just shouted "YAY!  It's snowing!  I want to go play!"
:: He hasn't left the huge front window ever since I pointed out that it was snowing.
:: This calls for some hot chocolate.
:: Even though I have already been drinking a cup of hot chocolate every night for a month now. :)
:: Jer is out of town helping his parents clean up their flooded basement.
:: I was a little nervous I was going in to labor last night.
:: Talk about paranoia.
:: I'm pretty sure I won't be going into labor on my own.
:: But the fact that Jer was out of town made me more aware of each Braxton Hicks.
:: I didn't want to have to drive myself to the hospital with Little Guy in tow.
:: I'm off to go make my list for the day.
:: I'd better add "Buy Little Guy some snow boots" to that list.
:: Happy Monday!


  1. I have to say, I'm excited that you're making more lists. I'm one of "those people." I'm loving the rain/snow. Doesn't it look SO cold outside? Poor Jer's parents! I love doing Christmas shopping on Amazon too. Holiday crowded malls and Costcos and Targets really stress me out. Okay, that's enough for now. :)

  2. i love a good list; i am queen of writing lists and even listing stuff i've already done just so my list is halfway checked off. talk about overboard.

    yeah, i guess this snow means no more november park days.. more movies and cocoa inside!

    p.s. i hope you know you can call me day or middle of the night if you need me! i'd love to drive you the wild drive to the hospital. dan can watch your little man. really, i'm serious. so, breathe easy!

  3. It's funny that you posted this today because I just finished creating a To Do list for today and the rest of the week! lol I am also one of "those people" and I am also guilty of writing things down on the list that I've done that wasn't on there so I could cross it off. I too need to get my little guy some boots...which is actually on my list! Good luck with everything with the new little one! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see pictures! Hope everything goes smoothly for you :)

  4. Oh I LOVE lists!!! I feel so accomplished when I'm able to check things off! I feel like I actually did something! ha ha! And I am somewhat jealous of the Snow you are getting... I will never see snow again for 4 years! Sad day!

  5. I have lists all over. I put them on the fridge, in my purse, on my desk, in the car and in my planner. I couldn't function without lists. Hope you feel well the rest of the day. Just remember what I told you. Give the little guy a hug from us.

  6. I am a list maker, as you know. Glad you are joining in on the fun.

    Love a good amazon wish list as well. My family uses them for all birthdays and christmas to buy for each other.

  7. I have been getting into the list thing now, so many things are going in there. I have been thinking about your due date also. Please keep us posted. Litle Guy look adorable, I can't believe it is snowing there.

  8. if i don't make a list,
    i don't remember it.
    i didn't used to be that way...


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