Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ready and waiting.

Not only are we down to single digits on the baby countdown, but we are down to me being able to count the days on one hand!  It's just plain crazy.  Dr. C scheduled a tentative induction date for next Tuesday (my actual due date) but I'm hoping the baby decides to come on his own before then.  Regardless, it is pretty fun knowing that this time next week I will be totally and completely sleep deprived but loving life with a newborn in my arms.

We are ready and waiting!

{The crib is all decked out and ready to go}

{Little Guy is more than excited for the new arrival... and happens to think that all the baby's items are his.  Can't blame him seeing how they all used to be!  Crazy how fast time flies.}

{Batteries work and cover has been washed!}

{The dressers are completely refinished.  Spray paint folks.  Who knew??}

{Dresser drawers are full of cute mini-clothes}

{Baby's closet is stocked with diapers and wipes}

{Baby's cradle is all set up in our room, waiting for a tiny body to be rocked to sleep.}

{And of course the belly.  It really can't get any bigger, can it??  In hind site, maybe big black horizontal stripes weren't the best thing to wear while pregnant.  I am down to about 3 shirts that fit though, and not left with much for outfits.  My belly button is officially acting as a turkey timer and according to it... this turkey is done!}

p.s. Any tried and true tips on inducing labor are welcome.  Except for the castor oil one.  That's just nasty and I won't do it!  Other than that, let me know what you've got.  :)


  1. That's so exciting, Hil. Can't wait to hear that your little baby has arrived soon.
    Next Tuesday (the 23rd) was my mom's due date when she was pregnant with me. I descided to come exactly one month early =)

  2. Holy belly girl! Is that a hospital bag waiting to be taken in the middle of the night by the bassinet? My trick for self-induction is to NOT be ready at all. It's always worked for me. :)

  3. YAY! So exciting!! Your belly is soooo cute!!! I hope the baby comes before the induction date too!!! I went and got a pedicure and I hear there are points along the ankles that could induce labor... I also downloaded this book about pressure points around the body and my mom would massage these points every 2 hours for about 12 hours... I was in labor the next day. So don't know if it really worked or was just coincidence but I was in labor the next day! :)

  4. pedicure!
    i went into labor after my monthly pedicure with both cooper and chace.

    cant wait to see your new bundle.
    so so so happy for you and your family!


  5. adorable photo, hil. the lighting and composition on your belly shot is frame worthy! i loved seeing your nursery today. so darling. everything looks brand new and beautiful for your new baby boy. i'm so impressed with all the hard work you've done to welcome the babe. i will be thinking of you!!

  6. Lots of walking! I went on a long walk and went into labor that night! Hope something works because those last few days are miserable! Not to mention, it really stinks to wear the same three shirts for what feels like forever! Good luck!

  7. I mowed the lawn and cleaned the whole house!! :D I found your blogs through a friend and you are so so cute I love it. Congrats on the sweet baby boy.

  8. so exciting!!
    he's going to be here before you know it!!
    p.s. you look adorable in your stripes!

  9. OOo I'm so excited for you Hil! The nursery is so adorable. And your belly is too. I like the stripes.. plus you can't really wear anything to make the belly look smaller... really. I tried. :) You look great anyway... so it doesn't matter.
    I think those tricks to induce labor don't work anyway... besides the castor oil. I did that with my first... and it was late on kicking in, but it worked eventually. It was gross, but I drank it with Root Beer. If you're really desperate, then I'd do it.
    Good Luck! Can't wait to see pics of the new baby!

  10. None of the above worked for me except for sweeping the membranes with taking a lemon rubina mix- but it has a small amount of castor oil in it. My midwives swear by it....

    Good luck!

  11. I love the colors in the nursery! I will say that the castor oil worked for me. I frothed it in milk with a blender and it wasn't bad. I drank it at 11:00pm and started with cramps the next morning and delivered Carson soon after! Good luck! (I also took a really long walk with the hubs.) Can't wait to see you guys!

  12. That bump is so precious. I think the black and white stripes are too cute. I love how your Little Guy had to test out the crib :)

    Hope the next few weeks go swimmingly for you!

  13. The dresser (along with all the other baby items) is so cute! And so is that belly, although I must say that my immediate reaction when I saw that picture was"WHOA!" Looks like that cute baby is ready to move out!

    It's so cute how Little Guy wants to try out the baby stuff. When my second was born, my little girl wanted to use all the baby stuff too. She ended up breaking the baby swing, but I couldn't blame her for wanting to swing too!

    Wish I had some good advice for getting the little one to come on out. My first was six days early, second was 2 days late, and third was EIGHT days late! I don't want to think about how overdue I may be with the next! I tried walking like crazy, with the last two, but it didn't seem to help speed up the process.

  14. I hope by now you are holding your baby! I never really do anything special to induce- just be really active! I'm really glad you're not for castor oil though- I heard it's actually bad for you and baby.

  15. Again, the rest of you is still so tiny, you were way cute.
    And I love your shirt!


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