Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Don't be jealous.

The hubs went out to start his car this morning.  It wouldn't start.  
I wonder why? Feels like negative 19?!

Try not to be jealous that Swackett* is telling me it will be FRIGID today and tomorrow and to wear every single layer I own.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I am off to go drink a gallon of hot chocolate.

*Swackett is my new favorite app on my mac.  It is a weather app that tells you what to wear (like you can't decide that yourself just by walking outside... but still!)  It's awesome


  1. I've only downloaded two apps on my computer, and this is one of them. Why are my people always riding on dinosaurs and yours is snowboarding? I don't get it... :)

    I'm glad you have a "favorite apps" label now. You always find the best computer things and I don't have the patience to look. Let me know if there are any other must-have mac apps!

  2. Amen on the gallon of hot chocolate. We watched the weather forecast last night and I was like, "dude. I'm never leaving the house."

  3. oh my heavens- memories of idaho winters- i remember the worst being about negative 30. i try to forget. stay bundled up hil!

  4. We are right there with you - I think today's high is like 4 degrees and the windchill plus the humidity!? Yikes. Not stepping outside if I can help it.

  5. I will attack the hot chocolate myself, it is so cold here that I have the hit on 80, yes 80!! I can't imagine my bill.


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