Friday, February 4, 2011

thoughts in list form.

:: Tiny Man was up at 1:00am, 3:15am, 4:00am, 5:10am, 6:30am and Little Guy was up for the day at 7:00AM. Today is going to be stellar.
:: it is now 8:09am and Little Guy just informed me he is bored. already.
:: we cancelled our big family get together due to sickness in the family. Jer, Little Guy and Tiny Man all have stuffy noses and word is that there is a lot of nasty stuff going around.  we will be on lock down for a month (or two).
:: I was really excited to see our family so I may be eating insane amounts of chocolate today to help buoy me up.
:: speaking of chocolate, come back tomorrow for a special post.
:: I've been having a bit of blogger anxiety lately.  if there is such a thing.
:: must keep reminding myself why I started blogging.
:: there are just so many talented bloggers out there!
:: and then little ol' me.
:: I think I have been experiencing a bit of anxiety in general actually.
:: can't seem to shake this dizzy feeling.  it's really weird.
:: is that a symptom of anxiety?  WebMD told me it was, but who knows.
:: it could also be low iron.
:: or these darn slim-fast shakes.  which, in fact, don't make you slim fast.  and while we're on the subject, wheat thins don't make you thin...
:: yesterday was like Christmas for us!  we received several different parcels packages in the mail.
:: I've always wanted to use the word parcels.
:: except now I don't think it's "me" so I have replaced it with packages.
:: I love snail mail.  I think it is under rated these days.  my goal is to use it more.
:: trying to get the motivation to pop this into my dvd player.
:: I used Lindsay's first bootcamp after I had Little Guy, and I loved it.
:: it's time to kick this rear into gear!
:: it's also time to go snuggle with my boys.
:: have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Sorry you had a rough night. Hope the little one is okay and not sick. Hope all of you get to feeling better. Let me know what I can do.
    Love to all

  2. Don't feel blogger anxiety! I love your blog! I am trying to get into web design and I'm going to be a new mom in June. I love hearing about your life!

  3. Everyone loved your blog, Hilary. Don't change a thing. You are a fabulous writer: we can hear you when you write.

    And how fun to receive so many gifts in the mail. ;) "Parcels" is a fun word.

    I won that DVD on a blog this week. Can't wait to try it out.

  4. No need to feel blogger anxiety. (although I know what you mean, because I've been feeling it too lately)

    Yes, I'm coming out of lurkdom ;) I've been reading for a while now, thanks to Hannah's blog. I love to read your words. You are a powerful writer and a talented and beautiful mama!

    I'm sorry that your family won't be able to come. I hope you're all feeling better very soon! Until then, enjoy your chocolate. (I ate Kirkland Signature Chocolate Covered Almonds for breakfast this morning...yes I did!)

  5. Oh, I love love love your blog!! It's is one of my favorites to read every day, so normal and honest and personable. You have one of the best blogs I have ever run across.

    I was re-reading your birth story (because what else is there to do when you're desperately waiting to go into labor yourself) and wish I could convince my doctor to schedule an induction for my due date, or at least a couple days after!!

  6. I know exactly what you're talking about when you say you have blogger anxiety. I think a lot of us feel it. I can't wrap my head around how many bloggers are out there and it can make us feel a bit...insignificant? HOWEVER, there are dozens of people out there who read and love YOUR blog. That is always worth remembering. I have always been inspired by your efforts to find joy in the everyday. I think of that mantra often and it has really helped me.

    Sorry your fam isn't coming, but I'm sure you're making the right decision to keep everybody healthy/recovering.

    I love your blog, Hilary. Always have, always will.

    P.S. Sorry about the Slim Fast too. :)

  7. "I love snail mail. I think it is under rated these days. my goal is to use it more."

    This is totally one of my goals too! I'm starting with sending birthday cards, Christmas cards, and Valentine cards.

  8. I don't think "blogger anxiety" would be in medical

    You are such an amazing blogger. I love to be inspired, touched, amazed, laugh and cry when I read your amazing words. You are wonderful:)

  9. I love your blogging Hilary! I don't faithfully follow many blogs, but I love your posts. Down to earth and simple. My kind of blog! I know how you feel though... There are days when I think "Nobody even reads my blog..." You're great!

  10. Hil,I love your blog,your stories and everything you share with us including your adorable kids. Sometimes I think that I am the worst blogger,with lack of writing skills and I wish I can do more, maybe teach more stuff. I this awesome cake blogs and I would love to have the time to give to the readers but my reality is other. At least I hope some people get inspired looking at my cake pictures.

  11. your blog is lovely, your own slice of the blog-o-sphere. Anxiety comes with motherhood. Sheesh, like 3 people read mine but I still get happiness out of doing it. And, you should come to zumba.

  12. hilary.. i definitely understand how this anxiety stuff feels. but, please know, we all appreciate your words. seriously, keep up the good work. your posts are always funny, authentic and fresh. i love the photos and your varied topics. yours is one of my faves.

  13. I havent commented yet--but Im here! I read faithfully :) I found you about 3 months ago through my sisters suggestion. I go through blogging anxiety quite a bit.

    Love your blog!


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