Monday, March 21, 2011

New Designs and Stuff.

Phew.  It's Monday again.  How come weekends always seem to just fly by?  We had a wonderful weekend and spent a lot of time together as a family.  Those are always my favorite.  I don't mind Monday's so much.  It means it's family home evening and I always get a kick out of Little Guy's excitement for it.

I had some time to design a couple new blog designs for the shop this weekend and thought I'd share them seeing how some of you newbies don't even know that I design blogs.  The plan is to add more to the shop before the week is over but we'll see if that actually happens.  I'm loving kissing Tiny Man's cheeks and making him giggle a little too much.  So if I have any spare time between tickle sessions with him and hilarious conversations with Little Guy, I'll get some more added.  If not, these two will just have to do!

 {Bunting's All the Rage can be purchased here.}

{ModBlog can be purchased here.}

p.s. if you have any requests for a premade design, shoot me an email or leave a comment.  I'd love to hear your suggestions.

p.p.s. yesterday was the first day of spring.  it was cold and windy here.  I am determined to not get discouraged!  spring will come and it will be a glorious day when it does!

p.p.p...s. who's excited for April?  I am.  some very exciting things will be happening this next month and I can hardly wait!  (how's that for a teaser?)


  1. Love your work! I've perused your designs more than a few times and am so impressed!

    And whoa...yes that was quite the teaser!

  2. I can't wait to hear the news! how exciting.


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