Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sickies and A Giveaway

I've got a bunch of sickies in my house tonight.

I can't complain, seeing how it is the first time Tiny Man has been sick, and the first time in a while that Little Guy has been.  That is pretty good seeing how it is flu/cold season around here.  It helped keeping them sheltered for so long.  I blew it by taking them to church last Sunday.  By Wednesday they were both coming down with something.  Funny how Wednesday is always the day we get sick if we get it from church.

Anyway, I have been wiping noses, giving cuddles and attempting to get my boys back to good health leaving no time to get some more new designs posted like I sort of half promised.  (How was that for a run on sentence?)  Because of this, I decided to apologize with a giveaway.  If you are a Facebook user, go to Simply Yours Designs' Facebook page and "Like" it!  Then read the latest wall post for instructions on how to enter.  It's super easy and will only take about 2 seconds.

I'm out for now but will be back Monday with a to die for recipe.  Did someone say they liked chocolate and peanut butter...?  Monday is your day! :)


  1. oh hil.. i'm so sorry everyone is sick again. i hope you are hangin' in there. you have gotten more than your fair share of the flu. let me know if you need anything.

    p.s. we absolutely loved the treats. thank you for being so thoughtful. seriously, you're so wonderful.

  2. I hope everyone gets better soon!


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