Friday, April 15, 2011

It's Spring! (I think..) It's time to clean! (I'm pretty sure..)

Ahhh, spring in Idaho.  It's fantastic!  I am still catching the occasional snow storm outside my window.  I am wearing layers upon layers of clothing and my cute warm weather clothes are still folded neatly in their tupperware bin in the garage.  I want to cry each time I go outside without a coat on.  There isn't a flower in site and if you even dare plant anything right now it will be dead tomorrow.  However, nothing beats the awesome winds we have.  You can totally get away with not doing your hair and then just say "Whew!  That wind is crazy out there!" if you end up going anywhere.  People won't even think less of you because their hair looks the same way.

The good news is that I can eat this cupcake that is tempting me right now, and maybe even another one later if I feel like it.  After all, swimsuit season doesn't hit here until late June, early July.  That gives me plenty of time to work it off.

Even though the weather is not cooperating, I think I am going to attempt some "spring cleaning" this weekend.  I can't get motivated for spring cleaning without some good tunes playing, so I put a playlist together.  My favorite thing when making these playlists is asking my brother for recommendations.  All I had to say was "I'm making a spring cleaning playlist" and he sent me about seven great songs, some that made it to this playlist and others that have been saved for a later one.  I'm pretty sure my love for music came from growing up with that guy.

I think these songs will be a good soundtrack for my cleaning this weekend.

01.  You Are the Best Thing :: Ray LaMontagne
02.  I'd Rather Dance With You :: Kings of Convenience
03.  Girlfriend :: Phoenix
04.  All These Things I've Done :: The Killers
05.  I Don't Feel Like Dancin' :: Scissor Sisters
06.  Grace Kelly :: Mika
07.  The Sound of Sunshine :: Michael Franti & Spearhead
08.  19-2000 (Soulchild Remix) :: Gorillaz
09.  Time to Pretend :: MGMT
10.  Everlasting Light :: The Black Keys
11.  Orange Shirt :: Discovery
12.  Keep It Goin' Louder :: Major Lazer

p.s. we tried this playlist out this afternoon.  I'm afraid there was more dancing than cleaning going on...
p.p.s. what are some of your favorites? 


  1. Oooh! This is perfect - I am needing to get the nesting in me going - this will at least get me on my feet -- one step closer to cleaning the bathroom! :)

  2. I'm a die hard spring cleaner. Despite the fact that I haven't seen Spring since I moved to IF 4 years ago. :( Thanks for the playlist!


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