Tuesday, April 26, 2011


From left to right:  Hil  ::  Stefanie  ::  Lindsey

There isn't anything quite like a sister, is there?  I happen to have two of the most beautiful sisters out there (and some pretty gorgeous sisters-in-law as well).  One is already taken, but the knock out on the right is a senior next year and will be on the market soon, so email me if you would like me to pencil in a date with her.

These two lovely ladies have birthdays just a day apart.  Stefanie's birthday was yesterday and today is Lindsey's.  I remember this being somewhat of an issue growing up.  No one wants to share a birthday cake and/or party with their sibling and that was the case with my sisters.  It was their special day.  So, we often got to eat two different kinds of cake within just two days of each other!  Awesome.  Now that they are older and more mature (?) they are more willing to share their special days... hence the combined birthday post.

Stefanie and I fought like cats and dogs growing up.  She was always stealing my clothes without asking and I was always teasing her about her boyfriends.  We have now matured and she no longer steals my clothes.  However, I think that's only because my clothes are too matronly for her cute style.  Oh, and I don't tease her about her boyfriends anymore.  Just her husband. :)  She is so sweet with kids, especially with her niece and nephews.  We are all so very excited that she is almost graduated from hair school.  Do you know how awesome it is to have a hair stylist in the family?  I will never make the 90's bang poof mistake again with her around.

Lindsey and I are 8 years apart.  I still remember her with curly red hair and a lisp dancing to Shania Twain in her tutu or walking around with an umbrella saying "tut tut rain" like Winnie the Pooh.  She is now a full grown teenager and absolutely beautiful.  I would kill for her legs and hair color.  She is just too fun to be around and will always be my baby sister no matter how old she gets.

Growing up my mom would sing the "Sisters" song when we were fighting.  Its funny how it always comes to my mind when I think of these girls.  There is nothing better than sisters and I love mine!  Happy birthday girls!  Wish I were there to eat the cake.


  1. Wow! You are all so beautiful, Hilary! I always longed for sisters growing up. When I married my husband, I gained 3 fabulous sister in laws who became the sisters I never had.

    I am so happy that my Hannah now has a sister. Granted, they are 10 years apart, but I keep telling here that when she's 30 and Eva's 20, it just won't matter. I can't wait to see their relationship blossom over the years. I hope that they are close and will love being together as you and your sisters do.

    Okay, I didn't mean for this comment to turn into a book...

  2. Lucky you! I always wanted a sister (and have 3 brothers).

  3. Oh my lands Hil, the three of your are GORGEOUS. I mean absolutely stunning.

    Happy Birthday to your sweet sisters.

  4. This is perfect and there IS something special about a sister- despite what may happen growing up it is nice to have them around when you are all grown up. I also have two sisters and have three daughters (one boy and a mystery on the way) I get excited thinking about my girls when they are all grown up and have two best friends always just like I do.

  5. Sisters are the BEST! I had to laugh when I heard you mention the "sisters" song because I sing that song with my sisters when we get together. All have to do what your mom did and sing that song to my girls when they old enough to fight. :0)

  6. That's so funny, my sister-in-laws sing the same song. :p

    My sister and I fought- ugh, I hated when she stole my stuff! She'd be WEARING my puka shell necklace and still deny it hahaha Good times.


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