Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Confession: I'm on a diet.

{what? you can't tell?}

I like gaining weight.  

I definitely like it a lot more than losing weight.  It's way more fun.  I don't, however, like how I feel after I've gained the weight.  I am still working on a few measly pounds that are hanging on for dear life after having Tiny Man.  Things just keep coming up preventing me from really getting serious about losing the weight.  Things like cupcakes, cookies, chocolate and ice cream.  

I tried doing the whole "no-sugar" thing last week.  I started on Monday morning and made it all the way to Tuesday afternoon.  I had to have sugar on Tuesday though, it was my birthday!  So I stuffed my face with a cupcake and then had some ice cream with the hubs later that night.  Since then I have found every good excuse to have sugar.  Excuses like "I was up all night long with the baby, I can't function" or "One of my best friends is moving away forever and I'm depressed" or "I have to take care of a kitten!!!!!!!!" or "Our friends brought us these goodies, it would be rude not to eat them".  Have I mentioned that I am one of the world's best justifiers?  It's true.  Especially when it involves chocolate.

I'm sure once the sun decides to show it's face more than once a month I will probably be a little more motivated to lose the poundage.  The thought of squeezing into a bathing suit will be motivation enough.  For now, on rainy days like today, I will sit and eat the rest of my ice cream.


  1. i love eating so much!! what's the point of eating if you cant enjoy what your stuffing into your mouth right? RIGHT! What i don't love is stuffing myself into my pants the next day.
    Soda is my weakness.. along with baked goods.. oh heck.. all food is my weakness.
    Sorry. my inner fat man is showing ;)

  2. hil, i'm totally with you. i'm eating like a crazy person. i tell myself it's just a couple treats, but all of those truly add up!! it's definitely the winter / rainy day blues. anyway, you look teensy as ever to me, so petite and darling. but i know what you mean.. when you feel so blah.

    maybe we should sign up for the spud run and it'll be something fun to look forward to. or maybe we ought to do the Dirty Dash 5K obstacle mud run in utah!! mud runs are seriously so fun.

    p.s. sorry about the slice of chocolate cake.

  3. Marta- don't EVER apologize for that cake. Ever. I dream about that cake and it is worth any diet setback, seriously. Yum.

  4. I agree- the weather turned cold this weekend and out came the cookie dough!!

  5. If gaining weight is cool, consider me Miles Davis.

    or something. (; yeah ever since we moved to KY where it snows one day and rains the next five I've put on a few, probably. I need to start working out (I did like 2 days last week! Go me! haha)

  6. You are on my kind of diet!! I usually get too fat when I'm pregnant. I gained 80 pounds for Cami. Now that I am getting older...and pregnant I am trying hard to be careful with what I eat.
    By the way, I loved the kitty in your last post, I felt bad for Little Guy, kids get so atttach with pets. Cami loves Lucas so much, the funny thing is that she doesn't let him sleep on her bed.I am totally ok with that since he has been sleeping with me since he was 1 month old.

  7. Yea... considering I only had my baby a week ago, I do feel just the tiniest grateful it's not summer yet. I can still hide in my sweaters!!

  8. loosing baby weight, or even just some extra poundage is thee worst!!! i'm right there with you, but i have NO self control! i'm eating anything and everything! grr. who do i stop? haha

  9. Girl, that is my kind of diet!!

  10. happy happy birthday!

    i have to tell you that I pulled up this post while shoveling down a chip piled with guacamole. and I have no excuse, it's short sleeve weather here. i am now putting away the guacamole.


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