Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Found: Cute Black and White Kitty.

I learned a very valuable lesson this weekend and that is I cannot be a pet owner.  Here's the story:

A cat decided to have her kittens under my neighbor's lawn mower (I kept saying a cat had laid her kittens there... this should tell you how much I know about cats).  I am not a cat person.  I really have never liked them, but always thought their kittens were adorable.  This cat having her kittens under the lawn mower was probably the most random thing that has happened since we moved in (well that and the drunk lady that drove her car into our other neighbor's garage.. but that's another story for another day...).  For all we could tell the cat only had two kittens, an orange one and a cute little black and white one.

The mom would leave during the day for several hours at a time but would eventually come back to the kittens.  On Sunday we noticed that the mamma cat was gone again, but this time so was the orange kitten.  We assumed she was relocating her kittens and would be back for the little black and white one.  Well, the hours passed and the sun went down and there was still no sign of the mamma cat.  I wanted to bring the sweet little thing inside, but was worried the mom would come during the time the kitten was in our home.  The last thing I wanted to be was a kitten-napper.

However it was nearing midnight and I could hear the kitten crying for help.  I couldn't go to bed knowing it was cold, hungry and scared.  I told Jer (with tears in my eyes) that we had to do something for it.  So, Jer went to get some kitty formula while I called my neighbors asking if I could go in their backyard to get the kitten.  Once we brought the kitten in, I put it in a box with a heating blanket and a fleece blanket on top.  We fed the poor starving thing with a syringe and then it went right to sleep for the night.

I couldn't believe the major responsibility and love I felt for this little helpless creature.  I was instantly stressed out and worried for it's wellbeing.  It took me a while to fall asleep and once I was asleep I didn't sleep very well.

The next morning, Little Guy was so incredibly thrilled the kitty had slept in our house.  He thought this meant we were keeping her.  They spent the morning and afternoon together and by the end the kitten had really warmed up to Little Guy.  I tried explaining to him that we couldn't keep it because mommy was allergic, but he didn't seem to listen.  My eyes had grown puffy and my throat and eyes were itchy from having the cat inside for so long.  I needed to find a home for this kitten and fast.  However, I refused to take it to the animal shelter, knowing full well that they would only euthanize the poor thing.

To make a long story short, we found a nice lady via Craigslist who had a "wet cat" (that's a new term I learned yesterday).  She was going to see if she could get our kitten to nurse from her cat and then find a good home for it once it was stronger and a little older.

It was so hard giving the kitten away and Little Guy was absolutely devastated.  He bawled longer than he ever has about any other object before.  He and that kitty had become such great friends in the short 16 hours that we had it.  That is when I decided we would not be having any more pets for a very, very long time.  It's fun and stressful while they are here, but no fun when they are gone!  We are just happy that the kitty has a new home with people (and cats!) that will be able to love and take care of her.


  1. oh this is such a sweet, heartwarming tale. of course you would bring him in and take care of him!! cat formula?! who knew?!

    how cute that Little Guy got so attached to that kitten; soon it will be a happy memory of the kitten slumber party rather than a sad memory!

  2. What a cute story, and a cute kitten! Even though Little Guy was so sad to have to part with the kitty, I'm sure it was a good experience, and a great lesson about being caring.

  3. Such a sweet story!! My heart was breaking when you described how the little thing was crying in the night. My father-in-law rescued a duckling from a storm sewer and returned it to its mother last weekend too - must have been the weekend for rescuing baby animals!! -Katie {My Paisley Apron}


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