Saturday, May 28, 2011

Today we said goodbye.

I hate goodbyes*.  It's true.  I have to keep telling myself to "be... strong".  Today was a sad day for Idaho but a completely awesome day for Utah.  Our dear friends Marta, Dan and little Benji are off on a new adventure starting today.  Dan just had to go and get a new job and be successful and take his family along with him.  Thanks a lot Dan. :)

We had Benji over this morning for one last play date.  We tried to make it the best play date yet by pulling out all the stops. Trains, cars, Mega Bloks, and fruit snacks were brought out to the living room.  Then play time moved into the garage where they both rode bikes around and around until they got dizzy and came in for lunch.  Little Guy is going to miss his little shadow buddy.  He is already planning on visiting Benj at his new house in Utah.

One of my first memories of Dan, Marta and brand new baby Benji was of them sitting behind me during the adult session of stake conference.  They were adorable (their great style is absolutely effortless) and both had contagious smiles.  They were brand new parents and completely in love with their little bundle.  I went home right after that session and told Jer I wanted to be friends with them because they seemed like the type of people that would be just great friends.

I also remember one of the first times I talked to Marta.  It was out in the hall at church right after Relief Society.  She came up to me and said something to the effect of, "Hi Hilary!  I hear you have a blog, I have one too!  There aren't that many Idaho bloggers are there?  What is your blog address?"  Silly me, not realizing the blog celebrity I was talking to gave her my blog address and told her that I also designed blogs.  We exchanged info then I went home and looked up her blog.  It was then that I finally realized she was the Marta from marta writes.  I had only read her blog a handful of times from links I found from other blogs and always had the intention to subscribe.  I loved her writing, her creativity, her love of life and her fun style.

While perusing her site I clicked over to her shop and immediately felt like an idiot.  Here she was, a professional graphic designer and there I was bragging about my little dinky blog design shop that was just getting started.  She had been genuinely interested in my blog designs, because that's just the nice person she is.  Luckily, she still agreed to get our boys together and that's how our friendship began.

Marta is the kind of friend that is always there and always willing to help.  She is so cheerful and has a talent of finding the good in life.  Her strength through the trials she is given simply amazes me.

The thing I love about Marta is that she is every bit the mom she appears to be on her blog.  She cherishes each and every moment she has with her little one.  She laughs with, teaches, comforts and loves Benji.  You can tell there isn't anything she loves more than being a mother.

We are so blessed to have had them so close by these last three years.  We will miss them like crazy but are so grateful for their big opportunity and that they will be closer to family.  Benji and Little Guy already agreed on being pen pals and we can't wait to send off Benji's first letter!

*I had to post this so that I would laugh, rather than cry when I think about saying goodbye to our dear friends.  Never mind the names at the end... it was the best quality I could find of this clip.


  1. oh look at those sweet friends. and future EFY buddies?

    what a sweet post. good byes are no fun. but childhood friends are always such a part of who you are, something special, there's no replacing them.

  2. Hil, that post is so sweet.
    I hate goodbyes as well - well who doesn't? The good thing about dear friends is that they will be forever and even if they are far away they are still there. Some of my best friends live an ocean away and I miss them a lot - but what's an ocean compared to friendship - frindship is way bigger than an ocean could ever be. It's just a distance in miles, not in heart and soul. (Just like you said in that cute quote =)

  3. oh hilary.. i don't know what to say. this was such a sweet post. thank you so much for writing it. i have not yet accepted this reality that we've moved! it feels totally unreal.. but i've already told my family all about the friends i'll be missing. thank you for all the amazing help. i couldn't have done it without your support. YOU have taught me so much about life, friendship, motherhood and more. i'm confident we'll be friends forever, as cheesy as that sounds. xo.

    p.s. no one else i know exclaims 'no sir!' when they are listening to a funny story. i'm going to start saying it, in your honor.

  4. What a beautiful post to your dear friend. Marta sounds wonderful! Thank goodness for modern technology that makes it easier to keep up with friends and family no matter the distance.

    One of my close friends is also preparing for a move and I just can't seem to accept the reality of it yet. Her children are my childrens' best friends and have been since they were toddlers. It breaks my heart every time I think about it, so for now I've just chosen to pretend it's not happening ;)


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