Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Because it was supposed to be crappy all day today but surprised us with a gorgeous first half...
Because I love Idaho's clouds...
Because it's Wednesday which means it's that much closer to Thursday which means it's that much closer to Friday...
Because we really love music and dance parties around here...
Because I'm giving bronze eyeliner a try...
Because I need some music to accompany me while I fill orders...
Because I'd rather dance than work out anyway...

I created another playlist.

01.  Heart In Your Heartbreak :: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
02.  Wish I :: Jem
03.  Blue Eyes :: Mika
04.  Energy :: The Apples in Stereo
05.  Hold On :: Rachel Goodrich
06.  Here Comes Your Man :: Meaghan Smith
07.  Rolling in the Deep :: Adele
08.  Be OK :: Ingrid Michaelson
09.  Mean :: Taylor Swift
10.  She Moves in Her Own Way :: The Kooks
11.  King of Anything :: Sara Bareilles
12.  Crazy Love :: Mindy Gledhill
13.  Brim Full of Asha :: Cornershop


  1. bahaha i love your "It's wednesday which means tomorrow is thursday which means the day after that is friday" I totally do the same thing!
    I think Thursday is my favorite day because it's the day before friday. I'm a weirdo!

  2. ooh, i love this post. bronze eyeliner?! how fun. and your playlists are always my fave. just picture benj singing 'some day. i'll be. livin' in a big ol' city..'

    p.s. good luck with girls night tonight. so wishing i could be there!!

  3. Yay! Wasn't yesterday morning beautiful! I've been making playlists too because summer seems to be the time for it. Even "fake summer." Which is what I've taken to calling whatever it is we have going on here.

  4. You have a "fake summer" at your place too? WA and ID are so cool... ;)

    Love this post, Hilary! Dance away, girl!

  5. bronze eyeliner is the best! love love love it- especially for summer.


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