Monday, June 27, 2011

JOY is...

... feeling the warmth of sunshine on my face
... holding my little boys in my arms
...peanut butter and chocolate
...spending the entire weekend with my little family
...roasting mallows and hot dogs over a fire
...hearing "mama" come out of the mouth of my baby
...watching my 3 year old make my 7 month old laugh
...riding bikes to the park
...receiving mail and packages from long distance friends
...skyping with family who live far away
...waking up to the sound of my baby squealing in his crib
...waking up the my Little Guy barreling out of his bedroom door and into our room.
...weeding in the evening
...talking over the fence to our neighbor friends
...sitting out on our front step watching the cars drive by talking about life
...realizing my 3 year old is his own little person who has his own thoughts and even his own jokes
...productive Saturdays
...curling up on the couch with a good movie
...fresh, clean sheets
...air conditioning

oh summer how I have completely fallen for you and the joy that you have brought along with you.  please say you will stay forever.  love, Hil.


  1. gorgeous pictures, hilary. oh how i miss your cute fam. glad you're enjoying the good life!

  2. Beautiful pictures Hil.I am so glad summer finally arrived for you, around here we have been having some rain, hopefully it will go away soon.

  3. Amen on PB an Choc., Air conditioning and clean sheets! And everything else, but those are my three favorite! Yay for Summer finally arriving in Idaho!!!

  4. You described summer and all of it's happiness just perfectly!

    Such a cute picture!!

  5. I want to be YOU when I grow up!
    My Summers are nothing like this... Summer = WORK...

  6. such beautiful pics. and such a great list. i'm with you, summer is the best thing ever for mamas and kids (so sweet that tiny man is saying mama).


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