Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I just had to share...

This completely melted my heart, and is just in time for our anniversary that is this weekend!


Favorite quote: "Not just a spoonful, a ladle full of love every day."

p.s. If you haven't watched his entire talk, here it is (click "watch" on the sidebar). If you're like me, you're gonna cry but you're also gonna love it!


  1. Elder Scott has such a tender way of talking, that made me cry just listening to him talk about his wife. Sweet video - love it! Thanks for sharing, I hadn't seen it yet :)

  2. yep. loved that video. i cried. i'm such a sap.

  3. Happy Anniversary tomorrow, Hilary! I hope you have something fun planned for your 6th. (6th, right?) Loved the video, too.


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