Sunday, September 11, 2011

Always Remember

I was a sophomore getting ready for school when I heard something on the radio that caused me to turn on the news. My brother and I watched replays of the first airplane that hit and saw the horror stricken people fleeing the scene. At that point we just thought it was an accident. We went to school where we found out about the other planes. Our teachers had the news on and all scheduled lessons were postponed as we watched our country being attacked. I will never forget the feeling of sorrow and fear that my classmates and I shared that day and the days to follow.

On this, the 10th anniversary, my thoughts and prayers still go out to all those who had to live through this terrible nightmare and are living with the after effects. The thing I remember more than the fear is the realization that life is precious and it is so important to cherish and make the best out of every moment we have with the people we love. I am so grateful and proud to live in this great nation!

p.s. if you get a chance sometime today, you are going to want to watch this. the Mormon Tabernacle Choir + the Orchestra at Temple Square + Tom Brokaw = awesome.

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