Tuesday, October 4, 2011

For the emotional eater in me.

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Case in point: 

I should be packing, organizing and cleaning right now. Instead? Well, instead I am eating a piece of pie and writing this post. Today is Little Guy's last day at his preschool here. I swear it was just last month that he had his first day. Oh wait, that's because it was just last month. We have four and a half more days left before we move our entire lives to a new, big, intimidating place. I most likely won't get to say goodbye to even half of the people I would like to. It's all happened so incredibly fast and yet it took so long to finally come about. We feel so blessed for this opportunity and I am determined to embrace this change despite how hard it may be. I am going to pack up my things with a smile on my face and gratitude in my heart.

But first I'm going to finish my pie.


  1. Lol I love it. Moving is so hard but also so wonderful. I can't tell you the growth I've had. Ps... I ate pie this week too! Ha!

  2. nothing puts life in perspective like a piece of pie!

    10 days is a serious crunch time for a move. but how exciting to be searching out a new place to take your little family. best of luck!!


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