Friday, November 11, 2011


{pictured left: The Pie Pizzeria is not for the dieter but oh so good. pictured right: Beyond Glaze Gourmet Doughnuts (also not for the dieter) - one peanut butter chocolate swirl for me, one pumpkin chocolate chip for Little Guy and Tiny, one maple bacon for the hubs.}
In honor of 11.11.11 here are eleven things I love about where we currently live. It has been quite the culture shock, so it's good for me to reflect on the things that I love about this latest move in our lives. It really wasn't that hard coming up with them as every place has so many wonderful things to offer!

01 :: close to siblings on both sides of the family
02 :: slightly warmer / less windy climate
03 :: living 4 hours away from my parents rather than 8 1/2
04 :: costco!
05 :: the new H+M that just opened up
06 :: the pie
07 :: having more than just one temple nearby (we can see two-almost-three from our current home)
08 :: SUPER TARGET (just when I thought Target couldn't get any better... it did)
09 :: beyond glaze gourmet doughnuts
10 :: being surrounded by beautiful, ginormous mountains
11 :: awesome chains like in-n-out burger, paradise bakery, chipotle, noodles and companythe cheesecake factory, etc.

I realize most of this list has to do with food. That's just the way I like it. I also realize shopping plays a big roll. This isn't because I'm a huge shopper (opposite in fact) but because (if I'm being honest) we didn't have the greatest selection for shopping in Idaho.

The things I love the most about this move, however, are the things that haven't changed. Things like staying home with my cute/hilarious boys all day and drinking hot chocolate (or eating oreos) while watching a show cuddled up with my husband after the boys have gone to bed. When going through big life changes it is the things that stay the same that anchor you. They give you strength and courage to take on whatever is ahead.

Life is good on 11.11.11. Here's to finding joy in the every day and in life's big changes!

p.s. if you have visited or lived in Utah what are the things you love? I'm all about exploring my new surroundings and would love to hear your favorite things.


  1. Fabric stores! I love the fabric stores in Utah (I live in Boston).

  2. Sunflower market, your cool sister-in-law :), great mexican food (email me if you want to know the places!), mountains = skiing, picnicking, camping, marshmallow roasts...
    You will love it!

  3. I want a super target over here in Germany. Well, I actually would even be ok with a "regular" target. =)

    Great that you are enjoying life in utah.

  4. Hi there, my name is Ally, I was a friend of Stephanie's in high school. I have been peaking at your blog for about a year now and just barely got my own blog so I am able to write a comment to you. I think you are an adorable mom and I love reading your blog. It inspires and motivates me in the right direction in different things I want to do as a mother! Congrats on your move, I can only imagine the difference it must be! Well, keep bloging and inspiring! :)

  5. Oh, I love super target! (although, beware. It majorly raised our grocery bill. I ended up switching back to Maceys.)

    Things I love about Utah:
    1. The alpine loop!
    2. Fall leaves
    3. Thanksgiving point
    4. Family usings on tax
    5. Dates to temple square
    6. Bike trail from bridal veil falls to Utah lake. (so fun!)
    7. Red iguana (AMAZING Mexican food. You must go!)
    8. IMAX theaters
    9. Nordstrom Rack
    10. American Fork Canyon/Timp Cave/Silver Lake
    11. From Jason: Cabelas
    12. Having you guys close! We are so excited for play dates with cousins.

  6. I am not the best iPad typist. #4 should have said, "family outings on trax." We love riding the train to SLC and then hanging out in the children's section of the church history museum.

  7. That is so awesome! I don't remember, I feel bad!!!! But that is neat. I must have been fairly little. Your boys are also very handsome and just seem to have such sweet personalities! Well I will keep reading your posts! :)

  8. The one thing that I love about Utah that you haven't put on your list would be Kneaders Bakery. The sandwiches are awesome and their all you can eat french toast is AMAZING (also not for the dieter!)We just got one in Logan so I am pretty happy. I used to have to wait till we came up for Chemo. This is so sad. I am moving back to Idaho right when you move to Utah. I was so excited to be able to hang out with you when we moved to Idaho and have our kids play. :( I am going to be in Riverton on Monday for MRI's. Maybe we could meet up for lunch.

  9. I love Utah too! One place I love is Tai Pan!

  10. I agree with Hannah about the bike trail from bridal veil falls to Utah Lake, and just biking in Provo canyon in general... some of my best Utah memories!


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