Thursday, February 23, 2012

Early Mornings

From the archives: Tiny Man enjoying some Saturday morning cartoons iPhone style in bed with daddy.
This morning started early. Earlier than I normally like to be dragged out of bed at least. Tiny Man had gotten his legs stuck in the rungs of his crib and was not happy. When we got up to rescue him from the grasp of his crib we noticed Little Guy was already awake. Just standing there in the hallway. If only I could be a morning person like him.

It made me think back to high school when I couldn't sleep past 8 o'clock if it killed me. 6:30 AM was my preferred wake up time. Then there was college. I worked a 6am to 4pm shift at a call center. This meant waking up as early as 4:30am most mornings. I believe it is safe to say that the day my first child was born was the day I no longer could call myself a morning person. My boys have fought sleep with all their might ever since they were born, which makes for a very tired mommy who despises mornings.

After getting both of the boys back in their beds I crawled back into my own warm bed and laid there, wide awake. I've had a lot on my mind as I heard some news yesterday that punctured my heart. One of my very best friends from elementary school and beyond had just given birth to her son at just 23 weeks pregnant. It was completely unexpected and ended in an emergency c-section. He is a little fighter and doctors are amazed by his strength. This hit too close to home and there have been several times when I just can't stop the tears from coming.

I laid there thinking about my sweet friend and all that she has ahead of her. My heart aches for her and I am praying my little heart out that things will be alright. Will you pray for her too? I know they could use all the prayers they can get at this time.

After not being able to fall back to sleep I decided to get up early and get ready for the day. Just like the days from my youth. And you know what? It feels good. I may even try to make a habit out of getting up before the boys to enjoy this quiet, peaceful moment in the day before the chaos begins.

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  1. So sorry to hear about your friend! I'll be praying. Your new design is darling!!

  2. oh hilary.. i'm thinking and praying for your friend. what a heartbreaking story. i'm so sorry and know you're going to be the perfect friend for her to lean on at this difficult time. in fact we were just saying how amazing you are.. our friend just gave birth to an 8 lb. baby full term who cannot yet breathe on his own. he's in the NICU and they are doing tons of tests on his little body. dan and i talked it over and one of us said, "we just have to pull a hilary and be there whenever we can to help." you've truly taught us so much about charity. thank you!! xo.

    p.s. I LOVE THE NEW BLOG LOOK. the colors and the fun circles and polka dots. so refreshing. feels like spring!!

  3. oh Hil, I am thinking of you. I am so sorry for your friends, it must be heartbreaking to be in that situation. I also have a friends that just had premature twin boys and they are fighting for their lives.
    Sending prayers for everyone.

    PS: I love your new picture and your new desing.

  4. So sorry to hear that about your friend. I'll keep her in my thoughts and hope everything will be alright.

    I have never been a morning person ever. Always have been a night owl. Getting up before 6 is the worst for me.

    Your blog make over is really pretty. Love it.

  5. So sorry to hear about your friend. My daughter is back working in the NICU. It is heartbreaking to hear some of the stories. Our prayers are with them at this difficult time.

    Love Love your blog's new look. Just looks fun

  6. sending my prayers for that sweet, tiny little baby.

    love the fresh, happy new look! :)

  7. I hope that Mom and Baby recover quickly!

    By the way -- LOVE the new look.

  8. That is sad news, and I'm sure it's even more sad when it hits so close to home. I'm sure you'll be a great source of comfort for your friend.

    I was always a morning person before having my first baby as well... but for the past seven years that has not been the case. :) I've been waking up earlier lately though, and I've realized that a little time to myself in the morning is really worth a little less sleep.

    Your new blog design is so cute!


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