Wednesday, February 8, 2012

On being a mom.

Last Friday I had one of those moments when time slowed down enough to feel as though it were standing still. My crazy, busy one year old (who is more of a monkey these days than a tiny man) fell asleep right next to me on the couch after a long day of fighting a nap. As he has never slept anywhere but his crib (I don't count his carseat because he has never slept longer than 15 minutes in it) it was quite the momentous occasion. I couldn't help but snap a quick phone shot to document this rare occurrence. I laid there breathing in his smell, listening to his deep breaths and sporadic sucks on his binky. I watched his little hand twitch ever so slightly and finally fall completely limp to his side. There is something about watching a child sleep that is so rewarding. It is then when they truly look like the sweet innocent angels sent down to bless your life on this earth.

Every night in the last four years since Little Guy was born, Jer and I have snuck into the boy's rooms and watched them sleep for a few moments. Usually a leg or two have wiggled their way out of the covers and dangle off the mattress. We re-adjust their bodies on to the beds, pull the covers back over them, turn off night lights and kiss them goodnight. After what might be considered a bad day, watching them in their innocent sleep we quickly forget about the messes that were made, the fits that were thrown, the whines and complaints that were constant and simply get to enjoy them for what they are. Sweet little boys sent to us from our Father in Heaven to raise and care for.

I know I don't get this mother thing right most of the time. There are days when I can't help but blink back the tears in frustration with myself for losing my patience or not doing enough for my boys. But in moments of quiet snuggles like I experienced on Friday I was reminded that the effort put in to trying to be a good mom is completely worth it.


  1. You are such a great mother to those two little boys. Love this post. Enjoy them while they are young. They grow way too fast.
    Love to all

  2. I always love your posts. So inspiring! Your words encourage me to be the best mom I can be.
    This picture and story melts my heart. I too have a baby that refuses to sleep anywhere but her crib. Although I count my blessings because she truly is an excellent sleeper, as long as she is in her crib. In losing 1 nap in her daily routine, she zonked out before bedtime in my arms before finishing her bottle one night. And seriously, there are hardly words for the feelings you have just sitting there snuggling your babes. Taking them all in, their tiny features! OH! HEAVEN!
    My girly has really defined joy for me. Nothing better.

  3. loved this. i couldn't agree with you more! you put it so eloquently. thank you for sharing; so happy to have you pop up on my reader. and that photo of you two is too cute. you are a wonderful mom; am totally inspired by all that you do.

    p.s. i was just thinking these same thoughts when i heard my b singing I AM A CHILD OF GOD to himself last night. it was the most precious thing ever. those moments are made for mothers!!!

  4. This is so sweet. I told Jon the other day that I loved our kids the most when they are made my statement sound so much kinder!!

  5. Thanks for sharing Michael's story on the CHD pinterest page . . . your family is just beautiful!

  6. Such a sweet picture and description of those moments of serenity when we can just enjoy our precious children. Hub and I check on the kids every night too, and it is always a good reminder of how special those spirits inside those little bodies are.

  7. It is absolutely my favorite time of day when I sneak into the kids rooms, straighten their bodies in their beds, adjust their heads on the pillow, recover them with their blankets, watch them breathe and kiss them one more time. My kids DO NOT EVER fall asleep in my arms, so when they do, I NEVER want to put them down! Love this post!


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